Domestic Animals

The Village’s Animal Control Officer can assist with matters related to domestic animals. Below are some common concerns:

Lost or Stray Animals

If you are reporting a lost or stray animal, please contact the Police Department at 847-564-2060.


Under the Village’s municipal code, excessive barking (i.e. over and above the normal barking of dogs for fifteen minutes or more) is prohibited. To report a concern or issue, please contact the Police Department at 847-564-2060.

Disaster Planning for Pets

If you’re writing a family disaster plan, don’t forget to include your pets. For resources on how to plan, use this information page by the Red Cross.

Animal Licenses

The Village requires that cats and dogs over the age of six months be licensed every year. For more information on this program, see the Animal Licenses page.

Reporting Animal Abuse

The Village takes the health and welfare of pets and other animals very seriously. If you suspect an animal is being abused or witness abuse, there are two methods you can use to report it: (i) by submitting a concern through the Village's GONorthbrook System (for non-urgent concerns) or (ii) calling the Police Department directly at 9-1-1 for an urgent emergency.

Other Animal-Related Concerns

If you have any concerns related to animals, please see the following pages or report your concern through the Village's NorthbrookGO system.