Managing Wildlife

This page is designed to help residents manage wildlife issues that may be occurring around their home.

Regulations Related to Wildlife

It is important to recognize that all wildlife within the Village of Northbrook is the property of and protected by the State of Illinois. Under state law, residents that wish to trap and remove animals from their property must obtain a permit from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources or use a licensed service.

Residents are also reminded that it is illegal to harbor, have ownership of or ground feed wild animals, except for at an approved facility. However, residents may keep above ground bird feeders.

Discounted Wildlife Removal Services

The Village has negotiated discounted nuisance wildlife trapping services with Northwest Suburban Animal Control. They will perform animal trapping services for skunks, raccoons, squirrels, opossums, and chipmunks at Northbrook single family homes. The price for the initial inspection, setting of the trap, and daily monitoring Monday through Friday is $95.00. The animal pick up/removal fee is $45.00 per animal. To schedule nuisance wildlife trapping services with Northwest Suburban Animal Control, residents can call 847-934-1900 or send a text message to 847-502-3518.

Residents are reminded that they are free to use any private wildlife removal service they prefer and are not required to use Northwest Suburban Animal Control.

Managing Coyotes

Coyotes are a common wild animal in this area of Illinois. The Chicagoland area has seen a dramatic increase in the coyote population since the 1990's, and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources estimates there are more than 30,000 coyotes in Illinois. Usually they reside in wooded areas; however, occasionally they enter residential neighborhoods, Trapping coyotes is not a long-term solution, as research has shown that once a coyote is removed, others quickly replace them For more information on managing coyotes, visit the Urban Coyote Research Program.

Tips for Dealing with Other Wildlife

When residents are unable or do not wish to remove an animal, there are other options available for handling the problem. The links below are designed to give residents an idea of how to manage common animals found in the Northbrook area:
  • Managing Digging Animals: This link from the Humane Society discusses how to use footers to discourage animals from getting under decks, crawl spaces or sheds.
  • What to Do About Skunks:  This Humane Society article discusses how to manage and deter skunks in your yard.
  • What to Do With Wildlife Babies: Come across a baby wild animal? This Human Society article discusses what to do and how to evaluate the situation.