Refuse and Recycling

As part of its services, the Village has contracted with Advanced Disposal ("Advanced") to provide weekly refuse and recycling collection for most residential properties (including all single-family and many multi-family properties). This page explains the Village's contract and the various programs offered.

Contacting Advanced

For missed pickups, service requests or any other issues, residents may contact Advanced during their regular business hours of Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 847-272-4145 or by email at

Residents may also contact the Village regarding concerns about refuse disposal via the GONorthbrook Service Request system.  

Refuse and Recycling Service Information and General Guidelines:

All regular garbage and recyclable are collected on at least a weekly basis depending on your service option. Below are some important guidelines to keep in mind regarding your garbage and recycling pickup (for more details, see the Village's current contract with Advanced at the bottom of this page):

When to Put Out Your Container

Any containers must be placed out before 6:30 a.m. on your collection day in order to be picked up. For backdoor service, all refuse containers must be outside and accessible (i.e. any gates must be unlocked, etc.)

Containers may be placed out up to 12 hours in advance of collection and must be returned to the rear or side of your home within 12 hours after a pickup occurs. If you see a container out for longer than this period and would like to report it, please use the GONorthbrook Service Request system.


Through Advanced, residents can participate in the Village's single stream recycling program, which accepts common household items like paper, metal, most plastics and glass. However, under State law, Advanced cannot collect certain items like electronics. To see how to recycle many common household items, see the Village's "How Do I Recycle This?" Guide.

Landscape Waste

Advanced conducts landscape waste collection throughout Village between the months of April and November. As part of this, residents can choose to either participate in the landscape waste sticker program (with one sticker used per bag or can being collected) or sign-up for subscription service (with an unlimited amount being collected each week). Stickers can be purchased at home and garden centers and grocery stores in the Village as well as Village Hall. Residents can sign-up for subscription service by contacting Advanced at 847-272-4145. The current costs for both services can be found below.

Mixed Waste

Landscape waste and regular refuse cannot be mixed. If they are, Advanced cannot collect the container with the mixed waste until they are separated.

Bulk Items and Construction Debris

Each residence receives curbside collection of one bulk item (including furniture, etc.) AND one yard of containerized construction debris at no additional charge. These items will be collected on your regular trash collection day. Residents who wish to have either item collected should contact Advanced to arrange for collection the day before their primary collection. Customers with Monday collection should contact Advanced at 847-272-4145 by the prior Friday.

Extra Containers

If necessary, residents can contact Advanced directly to rent an additional refuse or recycling cart. The monthly charge for rent each additional cart is $2.02 per month (billed as part of your quarterly bill).

Container Exchanges

Residents with broken or damaged carts may contact Advanced directly to arrange for repair or exchange. If a resident wishes to upgrade or downgrade to a different size, this may be done any time during the month of September at no additional cost. If a cart size change is requested any other time of the year, there will be a cost of $20.24/cart. 

Special Pickups

Residents needing a special pickup for other items should contact Advanced directly to arrange pickup and determine any applicable costs.

Refuse Collection Services, Container Sizes and Rates

Under the Village's agreement, Advanced provides four types of collection service for residents. Any participating household can select from any of the following:

 Service Frequency  Refuse Container  Recycling Container  2018 Rates*
 1x/Week Curb Service
 Choice of 65 or 95 gallon container
 Choice of 65 or 95 gallon container
 $16.96 per month
 2x/Week Curb Service
 Choice of 65 or 95 gallon container
 Choice of 65 or 95 gallon container
 $22.50 per month
 1x/Backdoor Service

33 gallon container or bags (resident must purchase)


Choice of 65 or 95 gallon container (Advanced provides). This container must be placed curbside and will be collected only on the resident's primary collection day.

 $25.03 per month

 2x/Backdoor Service
 33 gallon container or bags (resident must purchase)
 Choice of 65 or 95 gallon container (Advanced provides). This container must be placed curbside and will be collected only on the resident's primary collection day.
 $32.33 per month
 Yardwaste Sticker (1 per bag)
N/A N/A  $2.04 
 Yardwaste Subscription Service
 N/A N/A  $130.85 (season)

Please note: Advanced may adjust their price once annually on September 1. The Village will notify customers of these changes through the Village's newsletter and post updated rates on this page.

* The 2018 rates are effective Friday, September 1, 2017.

​Billing Cycle

Residents are billed quarterly for the services listed above.

Collection Days and Times

Each household is assigned a primary collection day (as well as a secondary collection day for 2x/Week services). To find your primary and secondary collection days, use the Know Your Neighborhood Tool. Simply type your address in the search bar and search. Your pickup days will be under "Local Services."

Advanced conducts refuse and recycling pickups throughout the day. Under the current contract, Advanced may collect refuse and recycling any time between the hours of 6:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. and beyond these hours with the Village's permission on a limited basis.


During the weeks when News Years Day, Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day fall, service will be delayed by one day for all residents with normal collections following the holiday. For example, if New Years Day falls on a Tuesday, collections be delayed one day that week for all customers who receive their service on Tuesday through Friday.

Senior Discount and Hardship Program

Senior Discount

Advanced Disposal offers a 10% discounted rate for refuse, landscape waste subscription, and recyclable materials collection to customers over the age of 65. This Senior Citizen Discount is available to any customer who qualifies for and requests the discount. Contact Advanced Disposal at 847-272-4145 for more information or to sign up for the senior citizen discount.

Hardship Program

Residents may apply in limited instances for hardship status. If a customer qualifies for hardship status, the customer may elect to receive 1x/Week Backdoor Service at the 1x/Week Curb Service rate. In order to qualify, residents must meet the following criteria:

A “Hardship Customer” is a Customer who is physically unable to place refuse containers at the curb and has no family member or other person living in the residence that are able to place refuse and/or recycling containers at the curb.

To apply for this status, residents should contact the Village Manager’s office at 847-664-4010. The Village will review each request on a case by case basis to determine if a residence qualifies for hardship status. The Hardship Program applies to BOTH refuse and recycling.