Manhole Rehabilitation - 2021

Completion Date Phase I: Completed March 23, 2021
Phase II: June 30, 2021 (tentative)
Project Manager Erik Jensen, Assistant to the Public Works Director, 847-664-4129
Contractor Culy Contracting
Awarded Contract Amount $57,200 (Phase I)
$58,400 (Phase II)
Funding Sources User Fees (Sewer Fees)

Project Description

As part of its ongoing responsibilities, the Public Works Department maintains 134 miles of sanitary sewer main with 3,411 manholes. To ensure the Village's sanitary sewers function as designed, crews periodically clean, televise, and assess the condition of each individual manhole, and schedule repairs as necessary.

Depending on the deficiency, manholes can be rehabilitated with simple repairs, such as installing new riser rings, or more complex means, such as applying epoxy lining to interior walls. The primary objectives of these repairs are to preserve the structural integrity of the manhole, prevent or correct points where stormwater or groundwater can infiltrate the structure, and extend the useful life of the structures.

In 2021, the Village will complete manhole rehabilitation in two phases. The first phase (March - April 2021) will occur primarily in and around the area bounded by Shermer Road to the west, Waukegan Road to the east and Illinois Road to the south. The second phase (June 2021) will be primarily in the Northbrook East subdivision.

Enabling Resolution

On Tuesday, February 23, the Village Board approved Resolution 2021-21, which awarded the contract for Phase I and Phase II work to Culy Contracting of Winchester, Indiana.

Phase I Project Notifications

  • On Friday, March 5, the Village mailed this notice to all residents located near manholes included in the Phase I project area. 
  • On Thursday, June 3, the Village mailed a similar notice to all residents located near manholes included in the Phase II project area.

Project Updates

Friday, June 11

The Village's contractor has notified the Village that work on Phase II will begin on Monday, June 14. Daily updates will be posted as they become available.

Thursday, June 3

The Village has received notice that the contractor intends to begin work on the manholes included in Phase II during the week of Monday, June 14. Notices will be mailed today to any properties located near manholes included in the Phase II work area.

Tuesday, March 23

Today, crews should be completing any remaining work for Phase I. As part of this, crews will be again visiting multiple manholes throughout the day.

Monday, March 22

Today, crews will be continuing internal work for the manholes included in this year's program. Crews will be moving throughout area bounded by Shermer, Illinois and Waukegan throughout the day. 

Thursday, March 18

Yesterday, crews completed a portion of the internal work for the manholes included in this year's program. Today, crews will be not working due to the weather. Work will resume on Monday, March 22.

Wednesday, March 17

Yesterday, crews complete the major structural work needed for Phase I. Beginning today, crews will be conducting internal work on manholes, starting first at 4R-3 (Illinois) and working generally in the area bounded by Walters, Orchard, Illinois and the Center Fork.

Tuesday, March 16

Crews began work yesterday with some smaller structure adjustments and improvements. Today, crews will begin work on manholes 4R-44 (Church Street), 4R-76 (Orchard) and 4R-45 (Maple). 

Monday, March 8

The Village has received notice that the Contractor plans to begin work on Tuesday, March 16. This initial work will include ring replacements and adjustments on select manholes.