Electrical Aggregation

What is electric aggregation?

Since 2009, Illinois state law allows municipalities to arrange for the provision of electricity to residential and small commercial retail customers by alternative electric suppliers (i.e. suppliers other than ComEd). This process is known as electricity load aggregation. Electricity is still delivered by ComEd, which remains responsible for customer service, such as billing and outage response. 

Northbrook joined with Cities of Highland Park and Lake Forest and the Villages of Deerfield, Lake Bluff, and Skokie in the North Shore Electricity Aggregation Consortium. The hope is that combined purchasing power will enact increased competitive pricing.

Customers pay the same rate as they would with ComEd, and the alternative supplier (MC2) provides a rebate to the contracting municipality. The six participating communities will generate $1.6 million in total funding over three years at no additional cost to utility ratepayers. Each community will use their share of aggregation revenues to advance local energy efficiency and renewable sourcing.

Per your letter, MC Squared will automatically enroll you in the type of service that is most advantageous to our electricity aggregation program. There are no fees/charges to opt-in or to opt-out. If you choose to participate, aggregation is seamless for the customer!  

For ComEd customers, whether you choose to participate or not, you will continue to pay the same default ComEd rate. ComEd continues to be responsible for billing, electricity delivery, and customer service. Payments will still be sent to ComEd, and how you pay your bill will not change. The only difference on your bill is “MC Squared Energy Services” will be designated as your supplier in the “Supply” section. 

See August 3, 2021 Press Release

JANUARY 2024 mailings

In 2024, some residents and small businesses may receive supplier-change letters from ComEd to alert residents that MC Squared Energy Services, the Village’s electric aggregation supplier, is now serving their account.

This letter is in regards to supplier change notices for some, but not all, Village accounts. Due to the pandemic, huge shifts in consumption patterns, and a change in a regulatory price impacted cost and volume dynamics in the power market, some residents and businesses may receive letters from MC Squared Energy Services concerning their return to ComEd supplied power. Only some participants will receive a letter as this only affects a portion of participants. 

There is no change in your rates when you move from ComEd to MC Squared. You will still be billed by ComEd and contact ComEd with any service or outage issues.

You may still opt-out at this time if you wish, and there will be no fees associated with making this change. To opt out, call (855) 697-0286, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. or e-mail Northbrook@mc2energyservices.com.  

Electricity Supply Alternatives

Consumers interested in exploring electricity supply alternatives can learn more through the Citizens Utility Board (CUB) at citizensutilityboard.org/electriccompetitioncomed / 800-669-5556. See a list of offers from the Illinois Commerce Commission at pluginillinois.org / 217-785-7456. 


MC Squared Energy Services is the only vendor endorsed by the Village. Any solicitor who comes to your door or calls asking you to switch to a new supplier is not associated with Northbrook’s Electric Aggregation Program, MC2 or ComEd.

Never reveal your ComEd account information to solicitors who say they represent the municipality or ComEd.

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Is the energy provided by MC Squared renewable?

Both ComEd and MC Squared purchase all of their energy wholesale from PJM Interconnection, which is a regional power grid that serves all or part of fourteen states in the northeastern United States. For this reason both companies report the same mix of energy sources including the use of renewable and nuclear energy. All electric suppliers in Illinois are required to submit Environmental Disclosure Information every three months, which gets posted online. This includes percentages of each energy source used to power the grid.

Is Community Solar also part of the aggregation program?

No, Community Solar and Aggregation are two separate Village programs; however, they are both operated by MC Squared Energy Services. Northbrook also has a Community Solar program that allows participants to save 20% on their energy supply costs through net metering credits. You can learn more at www.northshorecommunitysolar.com. Community Solar participants need to stay on ComEd’s default supply to receive the best savings and will not be enrolled in the aggregation program.

How will the Civic Contribution be used in Northbrook?

The Board of Trustees is ultimately responsible for deciding how to use these funds. Considerations may include Climate Action Plan projects such as electric vehicle charging installations or a renewable energy installation for municipal facilities. Please use this online form and direct your message to the Sustainability Commission to submit your thoughts on project ideas or priorities.