Electrical Aggregation

What is electric aggregation?

Since 2009, Illinois state law allows municipalities to arrange for the provision of electricity to residential and small commercial retail customers by alternative electric suppliers (i.e. suppliers other than ComEd). This process is known as electricity load aggregation. Electricity is still delivered by ComEd, which remains responsible for customer service, such as billing and outage response. 

Northbrook joined with Cities of Highland Park and Lake Forest and the Villages of Deerfield, Lake Bluff, and Skokie in the North Shore Electricity Aggregation Consortium. The hope is that combined purchasing power will enact increased competitive pricing and save consumers money. The original program from 2013-2016 gave rebates back to residential and business electric accounts directly on their utility bill. 

In 2021, the NSEAC concluded that its first aggregation program concept would not be feasible based on current market conditions, as fixed electric rates from alternative suppliers are now generally higher in cost than the ComEd rate. This is how the new concept arose with savings granted to municipalities; there are currently 64 municipalities in Illinois with this sort of aggregation program.

Customers pay the same rate as they would with ComEd, and the alternative supplier (mc2) provides a rebate to the contracting municipality. The six participating communities will generate $1.6 million in total funding over three years at no additional cost to utility ratepayers. Each community will use their share of aggregation revenues to advance local energy efficiency and renewable sourcing.

Depending on your current electric service, you may receive a different letter than your neighbors.  Per your letter, MC Squared will automatically enroll you in the type of service that is most advantageous to our electricity aggregation program. There are no fees/charges to opt-in or to opt-out. If you choose to participate, aggregation is seamless for the customer!  

For ComEd customers, whether you choose to participate or not, you will continue to pay the same default ComEd rate. ComEd continues to be responsible for billing, electricity delivery, and customer service. Payments will still be sent to ComEd, and how you pay your bill will not change. The only difference on your bill is “MC Squared Energy Services” will be designated as your supplier in the “Supply” section. For customers with alternative suppliers, you must take action if you wish to opt-in to this program.

Electricity Supply Alternatives

Consumers interested in exploring electricity supply alternatives can learn more through the Citizens Utility Board (CUB) at citizensutilityboard.org / 800-669-5556. See a list of offers from the Illinois Commerce Commission at pluginillinois.org / 217-785-7456. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Program Basics

What is the price and term of the program?

Price: The price is equal to ComEd’s monthly published rate including the Purchased Electricity Charge, Transmission Service Charge and Purchased Electricity Adjustment for each applicable month. This price can change month to month. For historical rate from the last 12 months, visit www.mc2energyservices.com/IL/HistoricalPricingPTC/P. 

Term: The program is a 36-month term, beginning with the October 2021 meter read cycle date.

Can you explain how enrollment is handled?

Under this new program, some, but not all, customers are moved from ComEd supply to an alternative supplier. Customers receiving opt-out letters in the mail in August will be enrolled automatically to receive electric supply from mc2 unless they choose to opt out by following the instructions in the letter. Additionally, a “change in supplier” letter from the Utility will be sent confirming enrollment in the Northbrook Electric Aggregation Program.

Who is eligible?

Eligible residential requirements: All residents located in Northbrook that are receiving electric supply service from ComEd are eligible to participate. 

Eligible business requirements: All small businesses located in Northbrook that are receiving electric supply service from ComEd, with a ComEd designated annual usage of 15,000 kWh or less, are eligible to participate.

How will I be billed if I’m enrolled?

You will continue to receive a single bill from ComEd each month. “MC Squared Energy Services” will be designated as your supplier in the “Supply” section of your ComEd bill. ComEd will continue to bill you for distribution services and taxes. Payments should still be sent to ComEd at the address provided and how you pay your bill will not change. There is no impact to ComEd services such as Budget Billing, Peak Time Savings and/or financial assistance.

Will my electric service be disrupted when I switch?

No, there will be no disruption in service. You will continue to receive the same electric service through the same transmission and distribution system currently operated by ComEd. The switch to mc2 is seamless.

Who should I contact regarding problems with my electric service?

ComEd will continue to be responsible for the delivery of service to you, power outages and all emergencies, regardless of your electric supplier.

What happens at the end of the program term?

At the end of the term, if Northbrook decides to end the program, all accounts served by mc2 will be returned to ComEd service or the Village may select a different supply to administer the program.

  1. Tessa Murray

    Sustainability Coordinator
    Phone: 847-664-4134

To opt out:

Contact mc2

MC Squared Energy Services, LLC

175 West Jackson Blvd,
Suite 240
Chicago, IL 60604

Email: Northbrook@mc2energyservices.com 


(855) 697-0286
Monday through Friday
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Who is MC Squared Energy Services?

MC Squared Energy Services, LLC (mc2) is a certified, retail electric-service provider headquartered in Chicago. MC Squared Energy Services, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wolverine Holdings. For more information on the company, visit their website at www.mc2energyservices.com.

Is there an early termination fee?

There is no termination fee; you are only obligated to pay for services rendered under the contract until your service is terminated. You may cancel at any time by contacting mc2.


I received a letter from mc2. What does it mean?

mc2 is required by law to send letters to all eligible participants to notify them of the new agreement terms and to provide them with the option to “opt out” or "opt in" before Northbrook enrollments become effective in October. If you take no action, you will be enrolled in the energy supply arrangement (whether through mc2 or ComEd) that is most advantageous to the electricity aggregation program.

What do I do if I receive a letter saying I am remaining on ComEd service?

This is normal and part of the program. If you received this letter, it is either because:

  • You participate in certain energy programs; or,
  • mc2 does not believe it can supply energy for your account.

You are still supporting our electricity aggregation program even if you remain on ComEd service.

How do I opt in?

Unless you act to the contrary, mc2 will automatically enroll you in the type of service that is most advantageous to our electricity aggregation program. No action is necessary. If you were not moved to mc2 service but you wish to explicitly opt-in to have mc2 serve as your electric provider, you must take action to enroll. Visit www.mc2energyservices.com/special (enter promo code Northbrook) or call (855) 697-0286, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you wish to enroll, you will never pay more than the ComEd rate. There are no enrollment or early termination fees.

How do I opt out? 

In August, you received a postage-prepaid reply card with your opt-out letter that you can return to mc2. You may also call (855) 697-0286, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. or e-mail Northbrook@mc2energyservices.com. However, if at any time you wish to return to ComEd service, there is no termination fee.



MC Squared Energy Services, LLC (mc2) is the only vendor endorsed by the Village. Any solicitor who comes to your door or calls asking you to switch to a new supplier is not associated with Northbrook’s Electric Aggregation Program, mc2 or ComEd.

Marketers may visit your home or call you with the goal of switching you to a different electricity supplier. Here are some simple steps that you can take to avoid becoming a victim of an energy scam:

  • Do not give your ComEd bill to anyone at your door.
  • Do not tell anyone your ComEd account number.
  • Do not be pressured. Just shut the door or hang up!
  • Place a “No Solicitors Invited” sign on your door.


Is the energy provided by mc2 renewable? 

Both ComEd and mc2 purchase all of their energy wholesale from PJM Interconnection, which is a regional power grid that serves all or part of fourteen states in the northeastern United States. Both companies report the same mix of energy sources including the use of renewable and nuclear energy. Northbrook may use some or all of the Civic Contribution generated by your participation to purchase renewable energy certificates (RECs) that represent increased usage of renewable resources in the Village's electricity consumption. 

Is Community Solar also part of the aggregation program?

No, Community Solar and Aggregation are two separate Village programs; however, they are both operated by mc2. Northbrook also has a Community Solar program that allows participants to save 20% on their energy supply costs through net metering credits. You can learn more at www.northshorecommunitysolar.com. Community Solar participants need to stay on ComEd’s default supply to receive the best savings and will not be enrolled in the aggregation program.

What are Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)?

Northbrook may use some of the Civic Contribution generated by your participation to purchase RECs on behalf of the community. A REC represents the environmental benefit of 1 megawatt hour (MWh) of renewable energy that can be paired with electricity. 

See August 3, 2021 Press Release