No Mow May

What is No Mow May?

In 2022 from May 1 to June 1, the Village of Northbrook is suspending enforcement of the Municipal Code for excessive grass height and is encouraging all residents to participate in our "No Mow" initiative to voluntarily delay mowing. This may result in ground-cover exceeding the established ordinance height restrictions of eight inches which is why enforcement is suspended for May.

This practice will allow pollinators to safely emerge and early-flowering grasses and forbs to grow. The opportunity to establish beneficial insect populations (like our native bumblebees) is drastically reduced with early spring leaf litter removal and grass mowing. 

Free Pollinator Sign and Seed Packet

Download a printable "No Mow May" sign here.

No action is required to participate, but residents who wish to receive recognition for their sustainable landscaping efforts can receive a free pollinator garden sign from the Village by contacting the Sustainability Coordinator at or 847 664 4134. You can also receive a free packet of wildflower seeds for participating in the program!

Participants are encouraged to share observations (flowers, pollinators) via email during the program period. 

Why Should I Participate?

No Mow May encourages biodiversity, sequesters carbon, reduces energy consumption, improves drought tolerance and robustness of lawns, and helps us consider how our actions are impacting the world.

  1. Tessa Murray

    Phone: 847-664-4134

Common Blue Violet and Dandelions

What Grows When You Don't Mow?

When May mowing is delayed in Northbrook, you may find clover or common blue violets flowering in your yard. Our native bees rely on spring blooms for food and energy to start their colonies for the season. As scientists urge that the decline in insect populations is a concerning trend for biodiversity, your yard can make a difference to help the survival of vulnerable species like the Rusty-patch Bumblebee!

Refer to for more information on the Rusty-patch Bumblebee.