Green Business Program

The Village of Northbrook recognizes the role that businesses play in promoting a cleaner and greener future, and commits to promoting businesses that contribute to the success of Northbrook’s Climate Action Plan. The Village launched the Northbrook Green Business Program to officially celebrate local businesses who have made substantial efforts to become environmentally sustainable by adopting best practices in the following areas:

  1. Waste 
  2. Energy
  3. Transportation
  4. Food
  5. Greenspace
  6. Water
  7. Health
  8. Community Leadership

Six organizations have already been recognized as part of the Northbrook Green Business pilot program: click through the names below to learn more about their achievements.

Program Participants

  1. UL Solutions - Gold
  2. Lakeshore Recycle Systems - Gold
  3. Northbrook Public Library - Silver
  4. Shred Spot - Silver
  5. The Claim Company of Northbrook - Bronze
  6. Granite Construction - Bronze

ULUL Solutions, 2500 Dundee Rd – Gold

Northbrook is proud to be the home to the 110-acre campus headquarters of UL Solutions, formally Underwriters Laboratories, a global leader in safety science. UL Solutions’ sustainability services and solutions are achieving worldwide recognition, from the development of more than 80 globally recognized sustainability standards to expertise in supply chains and product life cycles for greenhouse gas emissions reductions to service offerings that support the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals through their mission – working for a safer, more secure and sustainable world.  UL worked with the Village to become the first gold-certified Northbrook Green Business through completion of many sustainability actions, including:

  • Procurement of carbon offsets for 100% of emissions generated at the Northbrook campus;
  • UL Solutions employees volunteer in the community to clean and restore beaches, preserves and highways; provide meals for those who are food-insecure; and support the mission of various nonprofit organizations including Ronald McDonald House Charities, Habitat for Humanity and Wright-Way animal rescue; 
  • Commitment to a Sustainability Policy to continuously measure and report on efforts to conserve water, improve our energy efficiency, and reduce waste; and
  • In December, hosted the Northbrook Chamber to a visit to UL Solutions to talk about sustainability.

How to Participate

In order to be recognized as a Bronze, Silver, or Gold-level Northbrook Green Business, businesses must complete the application process as detailed below.

Before the consultation begins: 

  1. To get started, the organization’s point of contact should download the certification checklist
  2. The business will complete the checklist to the best of their ability. For items not applicable, type in N/A and the point system will auto-populate. Once complete, email the checklist to In this email, provide at least two potential dates/times you are available for a follow-up phone call.
  3. The Village Sustainability Coordinator invites the organization’s point of contact to book a consultation meeting to go over the checklist action points and answer any questions that they may have.        

During the consultation:

  1. The Sustainability Coordinator and organization contact discuss the certification checklist during the meeting. The Village Sustainability Coordinator will highlight any action points that still need to be confirmed. 

After the consultation: 

  1. If all the action points are confirmed during the consultation, the Village Sustainability Coordinator sends the results, certificate, and communications materials. 
  2. If there are certain action points to confirm before finalizing the organization’s score, the Sustainability Coordinator will send a follow-up email to the organization’s point of contact within 48 hours of the meeting to confirm remaining items. Once points are finalized, the Sustainability Coordinator sends the results, certificate, and communications materials.

Program Benefits

By completing the Northbrook Green Business Program consultation, organizations receive relevant local resources and one-on-one support to help advance their ESG goals. Businesses that meet the program's criteria receive communications materials, will be promoted by the Village, and listed on the Village website as a recognized green business. 

The communications materials provided by the Village will include:

  • Northbrook Green Business Certificate
  • Window decal with the bronze, silver, or gold Northbrook Green Business seal
  • PNG file with the Northbrook Green Business seal
  • Template social media post tailored to your business’ sustainability achievements