Single-Use Bag Tax

Effective 2024

Village Code requires Northbrook retail stores of 3,000 square feet or greater to charge customers 10 cents for each single-use paper or plastic bag provided at the checkout counter. The program is intended to encourage customers to bring their own shopping bags to avoid taking a single-use, disposable bag that may end up as litter. The single-use bag tax ordinance was approved by the Village Board of Trustees following a recommendation from Northbrook’s Sustainability Commission. 

This ordinance was first recommended in Northbrook’s Climate Action Plan because research finds that such initiatives work to encourage reusable bag usage and reduce stray litter in a community. Both paper and plastic bags are included because there are negative environmental impacts associated with natural resource consumption from the production and end-of-life disposal of both products.Bag Mascot

What You Need To Know

  • Retail stores of 3,000 square feet or greater are required to charge ten cents ($0.10) per carryout bag. This is around 50 retailers in Northbrook.
  • Shoppers can avoid the bag tax by bringing their own bags.
  • The bag tax does not apply to some bags such as those used to package bulk items, produce, or for prescription drugs provided at a pharmacy.
  • Participants in state and federal Food Assistance Programs will not be charged for single-use bags.
  • Charges for bags must be displayed separately on customer receipts.
  • Portions of the bag tax are kept by the store to cover the cost of implementing the program and by the Village to address the impacts of single-use products in our community, including the distribution of reusable bags.

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Are you a Northbrook business? Learn how to comply, get printable signs and pay fees associated with the single-use bag initiative.
Single-Use Bag Tax for Businesses