Commuter Station & Commuter Parking

If you're planning to use Metra to get to Chicago or another destination, Northbrook's commuter station at 1401 Shermer Road is available to you! The information on this page is meant to help residents and commuters get on Metra with minimal delays.

When is the Next Train?

See the next inbound and outbound trains and any service advisories for the Northbrook Station on Metra's website.

Commuter Lot Hours & Fees

The commuter lots are open 24 hours a day. The daily parking fee is $1, except on weekends, federal holidays or weekdays after 10 a.m. at which time there is no fee. Please note that the "day" begins at midnight and any vehicles parked between midnight and 10 a.m. during a weekday that have not paid the parking fee may receive a ticket.

Resident-Only Parking

The Northbrook commuter lot currently reserves spots 135-528 and 586-736 for residents only (meaning those vehicles with valid Northbrook vehicle stickers). All other spots are unrestricted and available to both residents and non-residents for the daily fee. Please see a map view of these spots at the bottom of this page.

New In October 2018 - 100 Space Spaces Available at the Grainger Building

On Monday, October 1, the Village will make the front lot of the Grainger building (1657 Shermer Road) available for public use. The lot’s 100 spaces will be open to commuters and those visiting local businesses. There will be no cost to park in the lot. Overnight parking and commercial truck parking will be prohibited. For any questions, please contact the Public Works Department at 847-272-4711.

Paying for Parking

The Village offers the following options to pay for parking at the commuter station:
  • Pay By Parking Meter: The commuter lot has eight automated parking meters which can accept payment. The meters will accept cash, coins or credit card and give you a receipt. Simply enter your parking stall number and pay.
  • Pay by Cell: Those in a hurry or frequent users may bypass the parking meters and pay for their spot by calling 877-727-5004 or mobile app by using the Parkmobile service. Simply visit Parkmobile's website and register with the service. Once registered, payment can be made via the app, logging into your account or by calling 877-727-5004 (toll free). When paying, use your stall number and zone number 951. Please note that there is a 37-cent convenience fee charged by the Service on all pay-by-cell transactions.

Parking Near the Station

Please note that there are parking restrictions immediately around the Metra Station. To see an interactive map of parking restrictions and limits, use the Know Your Neighborhood tool's parking restrictions map linked here.

Questions and Concerns

To ask a question or report a concern about the Commuter Lot, please submit a request using the NorthbrookGO system.

Other Commuter Lots

Other commuter lots near Northbrook include Lake Cook Road, 601 Lake Cook Road, and North Glenview, 1116 Depot Street. For more information, visit their webpages.

Parking Spots Map