Street & Road Traffic

The Village's street network is one of its primary assets and a critical piece of infrastructure for residents and commuters alike. Therefore, the Village places significant emphasis on keeping roads open and clear for the public as well as working on conjunction with other agencies to plan projects and minimize delays due to construction.

Current Area Traffic Conditions

For updates on current traffic conditions, please visit the Travel Midwest website, which is regularly updated by the Illinois Department of Transportation and Illinois Tollway. You can also sign-up for traffic notifications from the Village using Northbrook Notify (LINK).

Current Construction Projects

During the construction season, the Village may have a number of projects occurring simultaneously. To learn more about these projects and their status, visit this link.

Information on future projects can be found on the Public Works Department's Capital Improvement Plan page.

Reporting Concerns

If you see a problem on a street or section of sidewalk like a pothole, report it! Please visit the GONorthbrook Service Request system to submit a service request. Please note that the Village is not responsible for all the roads in Northbrook and will attempt to relay your request to the appropriate agency if the issue reported is not on a Village-owned street. To report issues in the Village or to other agencies, please select from the links below:

Snow & Ice Control

During the winter, the Public Works Department works to keep the Village's local roads free and clear of snow and ice during and after a snowfall event. To learn more about this program and tips and tricks for managing snow, please visit the Snow and Ice Control page.