Sidewalks & Parkways


The Village maintains public sidewalks to ensure they are safe and passable. This includes replacing sections of sidewalk each year that deteriorated and installing depressed ramp corners to facilitate bicycles, carriages, and ADA handicapped accessibility. To report a problem with a sidewalk segment, please use the GONorthbrook Service Request System. Use this link to report a needed repair or this link to report an obstruction.

If you would like to request the installation of new sidewalk, please view the Construction of New Public Sidewalk Policy (PDF) document for information on how to submit a petition.

Street Lighting

Repairs to the Village owned street lighting system are generated by requests for service from concerned residents, Public Works staff, and/or from a police officer's job order stating that a particular street light is inoperative. If you notice that a light on your street is out, please use the GONorthbrook system or contact the Public Works Department at 847-272-4711.

Roadway Signage

The Public Works Department maintains informational and regulatory (stop signs, speed limit signs, yield signs, etc.) signage along Village-owned roadways. Residents who notice that a sign has been knocked down or is missing, please notify the Public Works Department through the GONorthbrook system or at 847-272-4711.

Reporting Issues to Other Agencies

If you notice one of these issues on roadway owned by the Illinois Tollway, Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) or the Cook County Department of Transportation, you can report it to them directly. See links to their customer service applications and more information on the Street & Road Traffic page. Please note that if your report should be directed to another agency, the Village will attempt to forward it on or direct you to the correct agency.