Sidewalk Improvement Program - Summer 2017

Project Description

The Village of Northbrook systematically surveys public sidewalks to identify defective and deteriorated sections of sidewalk that create a potential hazard and a liability for the Village. Often, tree roots that push up sections of sidewalks and the Midwest’s freeze/thaw cycle cause sections of sidewalk to be defective and or deteriorate. Village staff survey sidewalks based on logical geographic areas to determine which portions are to be replaced.

In addition to the replacement of failed sidewalk squares, the Village also installs Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) required ramps at intersections and replaces select curbs adjacent to the sidewalks. In total, approximately 6% of Village sidewalks are replaced each year. All replacements are performed by the Village’s contractor.

Project Overview

The 2017 sidewalk rehabilitation project is scheduled to begin during the week of Monday, May 29, with the pruning of tree roots that are pushing up sections of sidewalk. In advance of this work, utility locates will be called in and residents may see spray paint and/or flags in and around their property. The Village’s contractor is expected to begin the removal and replacement process of failed sidewalk squares during the week of Monday, June 12. Residents impacted by the work will be notified by letter.