Senior Resources

Senior Population

According to the 2010 Census, approximately 7,300 of the 33,170 residents in the Northbrook are aged 65 and up - over 22% of the Village's population. That percentage is over twice that of the State of Illinois.

The Importance of Seniors

Seniors play an important role in Northbrook. They bring vitality, wisdom and perspective that adds to the richness of our lives. They are active participants in our community; they give back to Northbrook through many volunteer efforts.

The Village of Northbrook recognizes the importance of seniors and understands that they are a diverse group of people. The Village understands that as people age, they will have different needs. The Village, as well as other local entities, is well prepared to meet the needs of each and every senior citizen living in Northbrook.

Senior Services

The Village owns Crestwood Place, which provides affordable independent living for senior citizens. The Village also has a Senior Taxi program, which provides discounted taxi rides for seniors.

The Village also works closely with other groups that provide programming and other assistance for seniors, including the Northbrook Park District and North Shore Senior Center. You can learn more about these programs by clicking on the appropriate links below. The Senior Services Commission, a volunteer commission consisting of residents of Northbrook, meets monthly to discuss senior issues and help to provide resources to the senior community in our Village.

The Village of Northbrook Fire and Police Departments offer residents the opportunity to sign up for the Premise Alert Program. The Premise Alert Program allows residents to notify local Fire and Police Departments about a family member who may require special assistance or treatment in an emergency at home. Operators at 911 call centers will have access to the information and will share it with police officers, firefighters and paramedics who respond to an emergency. Residents may sign up for the Premise Alert Program (PDF).

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We hope that the information provided is helpful. Should you require additional information, please contact the Village Hall General Government Department at 847-664-4010.
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