Overhead Sewer & Private Property Drainage Cost Sharing Programs


In response to recommendations in the Stormwater Master Plan approved in 1996 and wide spread flooding that occurred in Northbrook after storms in September of 2008, the Village Board authorized two programs to help residents with private property flooding issues. Under these programs the Village will reimburse residents for up to 50% of the costs to complete improvements to their property to help minimize the chance or severity of future flooding. These programs include the 50/50 Overhead Sewer and the 50/50 Drainage program.

50/50 Overhead Sanitary Sewer Conversion Program

For information on the Village's 50/50 Overhead Sanitary Sewer Conversion program, please see this page on the Development & Planning Services Department's page.

Private Property Cost Share Drainage Program

Residents that have experienced overland, rear, side, or front yard flooding can help protect their homes and alleviate some ponding or standing water in their yards by making improvements to their property that may include but not be limited to: re-grading their yards, installing swales, berms, or rain gardens, or a number of other options. Residents with flooding conditions that qualify for this program will be reimbursed for a share of the improvement cost, up to $5,000 subject to funding availability. Village contribution for cost share drainage projects will be up to 30% for projects involving drain and/or pipe infrastructure, and Village contribution will be up to 70% for natural solutions including but not limited to swales and rain gardens. As is the case with the 50/50 Overhead Sewer Conversion program, residents are reminded that a permit and inspection of this work is required regardless of whether or not a property owner is participating in this 50/50 program. 

Residents wishing to participate in the program can view the 
Drainage Program Cost Reimbursement Application (PDF). In addition view the Village's Drainage Protection Cost Program Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) (PDF). Learn more and view the Rain Garden Cross Section Diagram (PDF). Residents wanting more information on the Cost Share Drainage program or to inquire about participating can contact the Public Works Department via the GONorthbrook Service Request system.