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Zoning Code Update

The Village of Northbrook’s current Zoning Code was adopted in 1988 and has been amended periodically. It is a traditional use-based “Euclidean” ordinance that segregates land use and bulk, space, height and yard requirements by zoning districts. Over the years however, the Village adopted new community goals, objectives, and strategies based on organic land development, market trends, new technologies, and an emphasis on environmental sustainability. Additionally, subsequent community plans have been adopted throughout the life of the Zoning Code, including the: Comprehensive Plan (2010), Master Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan (2018), Affordable Housing Plan (2020) and Climate Action Plan (2021). 

The Village now seeks to develop and adopt a new Zoning Code to comprehensively incorporate the priorities of these community plans, as well as: introduce new standards, streamline current entitlement procedures, and incorporate a plan that is user-friendly to best serve the residents, businesses, and all community stakeholders. 

As we move forward in this update we invite you to stay informed and active in this process by visiting the project website.

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Find and learn more about your property by using our Community Zoning PortalThe following Ordinances approved Zoning Code Amendments that occurred after the last codified amendment which occurred on February 22, 2022.  These amendments have been adopted and are in the process of being incorporated into the Northbrook Zoning Code.  Check back here for future updates to the Zoning Code.

Northbrook Zoning Code & Amendments

Ordinance 2023-6 - An Ordinance Amending the Northbrook Zoning Code to Increase the permitted Maximum height for Planned Developments within the VGRC Village Green Residential & Commercial District

Ordinance 2023-18 - An Ordinance Amending Part V of Article XI of the Northbrook Zoning Code (1988), as Amended, Regarding Authorized Exceptions