Animal Licenses

Obtaining Licenses

New licenses for dogs and cats must be obtained each year by July 1st. To obtain license tags, you must provide a current rabies certificate for each animal.

Pet Status

Licenses for altered pets (neutered males and spayed females) cost $10 each. Licenses for unaltered animals are $20 each. To qualify for the lower rate, a written statement from a licensed veterinarian, or an authorized rabies certificate indicating the pet is neutered, must be presented.

Animal tags should be affixed to the collar of your pet.
Pet Status
Dogs Cats
Unaltered $20 $20
Spayed / Neutered
$10 $10

How to Pay for a License

See how you can pay for your licenses on this page.

License Application

A copy of the animal license application can be found at this link. Please note: This license application is presented for informational purposes only. Clean copies are available at Village Hall and can be filled out there.