Severe Weather Preparedness

Severe Weather in Illinois

Every year lives are threatened or lost and property is destroyed by severe weather events.
There are a variety of severe weather hazards that affect Illinois, including thunderstorms and tornadoes. Tornadoes pose the greatest severe weather risk to residents of Illinois. An average of 27 tornadoes occur in the state every year.

Severe thunderstorms can also produce very damaging winds. They can cause significant structural damage to buildings, especially weaker structures, such as barns and outbuildings. It's important for you and your family to be informed and be ready.

Preparing for Severe Weather

Take a few minutes and learn how to prepare your family before a disaster strikes. Do you know the difference between a Watch and a Warning? Do you have a battery operated weather radio? Have you registered your contact information with Northbrook Notify?

Know the Terms Used to Describe a Tornado or Severe Thunderstorm Threat:
  • Watch - A tornado or severe thunderstorm is possible. Watch the sky and listen to the radio or television, or a NOAA Weather Radio for more information. Be prepared to take shelter.
  • Warning - A tornado or severe thunderstorm has been sighted or indicated by weather radar. Take shelter immediately, turn on a battery-operated radio or television, and wait for the "all clear" announcement by authorities.
If a tornado is sighted within 10 miles of Northbrook, the Outdoor Warning System will be activated.