Food Inspections

The Village of Northbrook Health Department inspects all Northbrook facilities that prepare, process, serve, sell and store food that will be consumed by the public, even if it is not the principal use of the facility.

This includes restaurants, food stores, bakeries, gas station convenience stores, schools, daycare facilities, religious institutions, food processors, and others. To request an inspection, please contact the Village Sanitarian, or call 847-664-4050.

Inspection Schedule

Licensed establishments receive unannounced routine inspections multiple times per year. The number of inspections is determined by the establishment's risk category.

Risk Category

  • Category 1: Establishments are inspected at least three times per year (These establishments have extensive menus and complex food processes that include preparing, cooking, cooling, and reheating food).
  • Category 2: Establishments are inspected at least twice per year (Food is typically delivered frozen or refrigerated, is made per order, is not cooled or reheated).
  • Category 3: Establishments are inspected at least once a year (Food is prepackaged and is not handled or cooked).
To schedule an inspection, please see contact the Village Sanitarian at 847-664-4059 or by email.