Zoning & Planning Information


We are sorry, but due to the recent upsurge in COVID-19 infections, we can no longer have in-person meetings. While the Village Hall has reopened, it is still possible to do the majority of your business with us remotely. The Development & Planning Services Department continues to provide all our services online and by phone. Please feel free to contact us to arrange a video discussion as well if you prefer. Thank you for your patience in this difficult time.

  • Call 847-664-4066 for zoning inquiries and questions about your property.
  • Other business can be conducted by phone at 847-664-4050 or by email at permits@northbrook.il.us.
  • All payments will be accepted via credit card over the phone at 847-664-4050. Payment by check can be accommodated with further assistance from staff - call 847-664-4050 (check payment will not be accepted over the phone).
  • Building-related inspections are being scheduled or performed following social distancing guidelines. Call 847-664-4050 for more information.
  • Please file all property maintenance complaints with the online GONorthbrook system
  • Permit and zoning applications are being accepted and processed through a new system:
    1. Email all application paperwork and plans electronically to permits@northbrook.il.us, or
    2. Drop off hard copies behind Village Hall (1225 Cedar Lane) under the covered entrance area on the east side of the building during business hours only. Find the “Application Drop-Off Table,” and include your paperwork in one of the provided banker boxes.