Information Request


To ensure proper procedures for storing Village documents in compliance with the Illinois State Records Retention Act and to facilitate public access to the documents through Freedom of Information (open records) requests.


How to request information:

  1. Owners of property must show identification (driver's license or other form of verification of name and address) to examine their property file including both documents and drawings.
  2. Persons requesting information about property of which they are not the owner will be required to complete a Freedom of Information form and submit it to the Village Clerk's Office.
  3. Drawings are available only to the owner (with proper identification) or to those bearing a letter of authorization from the owner granting the bearer (who has shown proper identification) permission to view and/or obtain copies. A letter of authorization from the architect of record is also required if copies of the architectural drawings are requested.
  4. Xerox copies are $.10 per page; copies of microfilmed documents are $.75 per page; copies of microfilmed drawings are $1.25 per page; full size copies of drawings are $3 per page.

Requesting Hours

Please call us at 847-272-5050, ext. 4227 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. You may arrange an appointment if you are unable to come during this time period, or if you have a request that will require a large block of time.