Annual Budget Document

The annual budget document is the key financial policy and planning document of the Village and outlines all anticipated revenues and authorized expenditures for the Village in a given fiscal year (May 1 - April 30). The budget combines information from the Capital Improvement Plan, operating Departments and other sources and creates a comprehensive overview for each of the Village's funds. The draft budget is released each year in late February with the Board reviewing and approving it in April. A final version is published soon after. The current budget can be viewed at the bottom of this page.Archived older editions can be found at this link.

How to Use the Budget Document

The budget has four major sections:

  • General Information and Summaries: The General Information section summarizes the entire budget document and the factors being considered or planned for as part of the document. It also includes copies of the Village's financial policies and some operating information.
  • Revenues: The revenues section reviews each of the Village's major revenue streams and discusses the factors impacting it. For the Village's General Fund, a two-year projection is included.
  • Expenditures: The expenditures section reviews each fund's anticipated expenditures as well as each Department's. Goals for each Department are also included and discussed.
  • Capital Improvement Plan: A copy of the most recent Capital Improvement Plan is included at the end of the budget document.

Questions Regarding the Budget

For questions regarding the budget, contact the Finance Department at 847-272-5050.

Current Budget Documents