Voting & Voter Services

Registering to Vote

Voters living in Northbrook must register to vote with the Cook County Clerk’s Office.  

There are four ways to register to vote:

  1. Register online. Visit the Cook County Clerk’s Office website (by October 18).
  2. Register at Village Hall. Voter registration forms are available at Village Hall, 1225 Cedar, and can be filled out during regular business hours (by October 6).
  3. Grace Period Registration. Grace period registration and voting extends the registration and voting period to the Monday before an election. Guidelines limit when and where grace period registrants can vote (October 7-November 2).
  4. Election Day Registration. On Election Day (November 3), voters who are not registered to vote can register and vote at their home precinct only. Voters planning to register to vote or update their address on Election Day MUST bring two pieces of identification to register, one with a current address.

Voting Options

Vote by Mail

Any registered Cook County voter may request a mail ballot. The Cook County Clerk’s Office offers additional details including the application deadline and an online application.

If you do not wish to send your ballot in the mail, voters will be able to drop off their mail ballots at over 50 early voting sites through secure drop boxes during early voting hours (starting October 19 for most early voting sites).

If a voter requests a mail ballot but wants to vote in person instead, the voter will have to bring the mail ballot to the early voting site or the polling place and surrender the ballot. If the voter has not received the ballot yet or does not want to surrender the ballot, the voter will have to vote a provisional ballot.

Read a list of frequently asked questions about mail voting. Additional questions about voting by mail can be directed to the Cook County Clerk's Office at 312-603-0944 or

Early Voting

During early voting, voters can vote up to 40 days before an election. To vote early, voters must visit one of Cook County’s early voting centers, including Northbrook’s Village Hall. All registered Cook County voters are eligible to vote at a Cook County early voting center.  The Cook County Clerk’s Office offers additional information regarding early voting centers. Visit Cook County’s website to find Early Voting sites and your Election Day polling place—due to precautionary measures, some polling places may have changed. 

Election Day is November 3, 2020. Voting hours on Election Day are 6am-7pm. 

Early Voting runs from Monday, October 19 through Monday, November 2. This includes two Sundays, October 25 and November 1. Early Voting hours are:

  • Monday-Friday, October 19-23                        8:30am-7pm 
  • Saturday-Sunday, October 24-25                    9am-5pm 
  • Monday-Friday, October 26-30                        8:30am-7pm
  • Saturday-Sunday, October 31-November 1     9am-5pm
  • Monday, November 2                                       8:30am-7pm

Election Day Voting

This year, Election Day is a state holiday. On Election Day, voters must vote at their precinct’s voting location. Visit Cook County’s website to find your precinct. Simply type your address in the search bar to get your precinct information. 

Election Day Results

The Cook County Clerk’s Office begins reporting results after the polls close on Election Day. To see current (if applicable) and past results, visit the Cook County Clerk’s Office website