Voting & Voter Services

The next election is the November 8, 2022, Gubernatorial General Election. Northbrook Village Hall is not an Election Day voting precinct. Find your location here.

The Gubernatorial Election is not just to vote for the Governor and Lt. Governor.  It also includes Illinois Senator, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Comptroller, Treasurer  and U.S. Representatives, State Senators, State Representatives and various Cook County Elected Offices. Click here to see the list.

Registering to Vote

Voters living in Northbrook must register to vote with the Cook County Clerk’s Office.  

There are four ways to register to vote:

  1. Register online. Visit the Cook County Clerk’s Office website (by Sunday, October 23, 2022)
  2. Register at Village Hall. Voter registration forms are available at Village Hall, 1225 Cedar, and can be filled out during regular business hours (by Tuesday, October 11, 2022)
  3. Grace Period Registration. Grace period registration and voting extends the registration and voting period to the Monday before an election. Guidelines limit when and where grace period registrants can vote.
  4. Election Day Registration. On Election Day, voters who are not registered to vote can register and vote at their home precinct only. Voters planning to register to vote or update their address on Election Day MUST bring two pieces of identification to register, one with a current address.

Voting Options

Early Voting

To vote early, voters must visit one of Cook County’s early voting centers, including Northbrook Village Hall. All registered Cook County voters are eligible to vote at a Cook County early voting center. The Cook County Clerk’s Office offers additional information regarding early voting centers. Visit Cook County’s website to find Early Voting sites and your Election Day polling place.

Early Voting is taking place at Northbrook Village Hall from Monday, October 24, through Monday, November 7, during the following hours:

  • Monday-Saturday, October 24-29                   9am-5pm 
  • Sunday, October 30                                        10am-4pm 
  • Monday-Saturday, Oct. 31 - Nov. 5                 9am-5pm
  • Sunday, November 6                                      10am-4pm
  • Monday, November 7                                      9am-5pm

Vote by Mail

Any registered Cook County voter may request a mail ballot. The Cook County Clerk’s Office offers additional details including the application deadline and an online application. 

Election Day Voting

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8. Voting on Election Day is 6am-7pm. (Village Hall is NOT a Voting Precinct)

On Election Day, voters must vote at their precinct’s voting location. Some locations of the voting precincts for Election Day have changed - Northbrook Village Hall is not an Election Day polling place for this election. Enter your address here to find your polling place.

See the full list of polling places on the Cook County Clerk's website (find precincts under listing for “Northfield Township”).

Election Day Results

The Cook County Clerk’s Office begins reporting results after the polls close on Election Day. See the current results here

For more information on election results and data, visit the Cook County Clerk’s Office website.