Utilities & Telecomms Serving Northbrook

Utility customers have a wide variety of options for their services in Northbrook. Use this quick guide to help determine which utility to contact if you want to create a new account or get other information. To begin, simply click the utility category.

  1. Cable & Internet
  2. Electricity
  3. Natural Gas
  4. Refuse & Recycling
  5. Water & Sewer

Cable & Internet Service

Customers have a number of options for cable and internet services. The two major companies which have "cable franchise" agreements in the area and also offer Internet and phone service are the following:

The Federal Communications Commission sets rules for satellite "dish" antennas that are one meter or less in diameter.  Homeowner associations within Northbrook may set limits for individual subdivisions.

Reporting Concerns

Residents or businesses with concerns or questions about their bill are encouraged to contact their provider directly. If there is another concern, residents and businesses can submit questions or concerns via the GoNorthbrook system.