Utility & Telecom Services

Utility customers have a variety of service options in Northbrook. Use this page to determine which utility to contact to create a new account or get other information.

Residents or businesses with concerns or questions about a bill should contact the provider directly. For other concerns, submit a GoNorthbrook request.

Cable & Internet Service

Comcast and AT&T have cable franchise agreements in the area. Both companies offer Internet and phone service.

The Federal Communications Commission sets rules for satellite "dish" antennas that are one meter or less in diameter. Homeowner associations within Northbrook may set limits for individual subdivisions.


Commonwealth Edison ("ComEd") is the electrical transmitter for Northbrook and the greater Northern Illinois region. Contact ComEd at 1-800-Edison-1 (1-800-334-7661) or via ComEd’s online portal. Business customers should call 1-877-426-6331. ComEd customers may report or track the status of an outage on ComEd's website.

Under Illinois law, the current electrical market is "deregulated," meaning customers can contract with individual suppliers to purchase their electricity. Under these agreements, ComEd still transmits the power and bills you, but electricity is supplied by a different source. Northbrook joined with Cities of Highland Park and Lake Forest and the Villages of Deerfield, Lake Bluff, and Skokie in the North Shore Electricity Aggregation Consortium. In 2021, Northbrook entered into a 3 year contract to aggregate some, but not all, Northbrook households and businesses to an alternate electric supplier, MC Squared Energy Services. Customers pay the same rate as they would with ComEd, and the alternative supplier (mc2) provides a rebate to the contracting municipality. The six participating communities will generate $1.6 million in total funding over three years at no additional cost to utility ratepayers. Each community will use their share of aggregation revenues to advance local energy efficiency and renewable sourcing. Visit northbrook.il.us/aggregation to learn more.

Natural Gas

Nicor Gas is the natural gas transmitter in Northbrook. For odors, leaks or emergencies, contact 888-Nicor4U (888-642.-6748). For customer service or billing concerns, contact Nicor via their website.

As with electricity, the State of Illinois has "deregulated" the natural gas market, meaning individual customers can sign contracts with suppliers other than Nicor to purchase gas. Nicor would continue to transmit the gas to your home or business and bill you, but the gas would come from a separate supplier. At this time, the Village does not have a contract with an individual supplier and does not make recommendations about suppliers. However, the Village does encourage those looking at an alternate supplier to understand the terms of their agreement before signing.

Sewer & Water Service

Water and sewer service is provided by the Village. Learn more on the pages below:

Utility Billing

Click here for information on utility billing and water meters.

Utility Locating

Public Works collaborates with the Joint Utility Locating Information for Excavators (JULIE) to locate and mark Village utilities including storm and sanitary sewers, water mains, street light cabling and fiber optic cable, in advance of excavations to prevent damage to Village-owned infrastructure. Click here for more details.