Long-Term Street Planning

In addition to the Village’s routine maintenance programs, the Public Works Department manages the rehabilitation and reconstruction of local asphalt and concrete streets. These programs focus on rating the condition of each street segment condition ratings, as well as periodic input from independent consultants, to identify the streets to be incorporated into the Village’s five-year Capital Improvement Plan. This page focuses on detailing these programs and giving links for more information.

What are Rehabilitation and Reconstruction?

Rehabilitation and reconstruction sound similar but are actually two different operations and can mean different things depending on the type of road being worked on. For clarity, the following definitions are often used:

  • Rehabilitation: Roadway rehabilitation usually involves simply resurfacing an asphalt street or replacing concrete panels on a concrete street without changing the base materials. This process is less intensive than roadway construction.
  • Reconstruction: During a roadway reconstruction, both the surface and base materials of the roadway are removed and replaced.

How Are Streets Selected for Rehabilitation or Reconstruction?

Because asphalt and concrete streets have different life expectancies, the methods used to rate them are slightly different. The following methods are used:

Asphalt Streets

On an annual basis, the Public Works Department rates the condition of all asphalt streets on a scale of 1 to 5 (where 1 is the worst possible result). This information, which is supplemented by periodic input from independent consultants, helps determine the schedule to be used. The average lifetime of an asphalt street is approximately 15 years.

Concrete Streets

Similarly to asphalt streets, the Public Works Department conducts an annual review of local concrete streets and considers age, geographic location and typical traffic loads. The Village assumes a 40-year useful life for concrete streets.

Based on the available data and staff recommendations, the Village updates the five-year Capital Improvement Plan on an annual basis. These updates are posted each year in November.

Industry/Village Standards

In the mid-1990’s the Village Board endorsed a plan to conduct major contractual maintenance on 6-7% of asphalt roadways annually and base planning on a 15-year useful life. The Village is currently conducting major maintenance on 3% of its roadways and has extended their reconstruction dates to 22 years.

Concrete roadways with significant degradation of the road surface, a significant number of other streets within the subdivision or neighborhood needing repair, age, and typical traffic loads are included in the Village’s annual Concrete Street Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Program. The Village assumes a 40-year useful life for concrete streets.

Questions Regarding A Street’s Status

For any questions on current plans for your street, please see the Capital Improvement Plan or submit a question via GONorthbrook Service Request system.