Subsidized Taxi Program

Northbrook Subsidized Taxicab Program

The Village of Northbrook Subsidized Taxicab  Program was created to offer senior and permanently disabled residents  an affordable transportation option in addition to what other agencies  offer. The program utilizes tickets which can be used to offset the cost  of the metered fare. Each  of these trip tickets will have a value of $5 dollars and each  participant will receive up to 15 (fifteen) tickets per month.  Trip tickets will be made available to registered users at the Village  Hall or, if requested, by U.S. Mail.

Program Participants

These tickets will only be accepted by taxi companies within the program:

American Taxi 

303 Taxi 
Phone: 847-368-0303 


The  Subsidized Taxicab Program is available to all residents Village of  Northbrook 55 years or older and disabled residents regardless of age.  The program is exclusively for residents of incorporated Northbrook  regardless of individual income. All rides utilizing subsidy tickets must be begin or end at a location within the Village of Northbrook.
To request a  Subsidized Taxi Program application or more information, please call Rachelle Gentry at 847-664-4038. Proof of residency is required. Once the application for participation in the program has been  approved, the resident will receive an I.D. card which will include  their name, address, account number, and their signature. This I.D. card  and ride ticket must be presented together at the time of the ride to  receive the $5.00 Subsidy. Please allow one to two weeks processing time.

Northfield Township Dial-a-Ride 

Residents  may also apply for the Northfield Township Dial-A-Ride program, which  offers an additional $5.00 per trip subsidy for eligible Township  residents. Click here to learn more.  

Travel Cards for RTA, CTA, METRA & PACE

Travel card applications are available at the Village Hall for residents 65 and older.

RTA: Residents (incorporated Northbrook) can visit  the Finance Department at the Village Hall, 1225 Cedar Lane, for an  application and for an ID photo. RTA cards are not issued at Northbrook Village  Hall. Please complete the forms and mail them to PO Box 8621, Fort Wayne, IN 46898-8621.

PACE Bus Passes: (Those who are handicapped and  under the age of 65 also qualify for reduced fares) Call 847/364-PACE.  Wheelchair users qualify for special transportation service, call  847/364-PACE.