Preliminary Zoning/Subdivision Relief Applications

​Board of Trustees Review

The purpose of a preliminary application is to generally acquaint Village Board members with an applicant’s proposal and to provide the applicant with any preliminary views or concerns that members of the Board may have before an applicant submits a formal docket application. During the meeting where a preliminary application is considered, the comments made by Board Members are the preliminary comments of individual trustees and do not represent the opinion or final determination of the Village of Northbrook. No final decision on the requested relief can or will be made until after the matter goes through the Village zoning process, which may include a public hearing and recommendation by the Northbrook Plan Commission.

Address & Description Board of Trustees Preliminary
Review Date (Click on Date
And Scroll to Planning & Zoning
In the Agenda)
Formal Docket 
4201 Lake Cook Road
Eating Recovery Center

1/23/18 Awaiting Applicant
3100 Dundee Road
Rezoning to O-2 
Limited Office District
12/19/17 Awaiting Applicant
255 Anthony Trail
Wilson Lawn & Landscape
9/12/17 Awaiting Applicant 
New Downtown Zoning District 1/20/15