Alarm system registration Program

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CY 2023 renewal notices for previously established online accounts for have been sent by email. Accounts not registered electronically will receive a renewal notice by mail in late November/early December. Paper renewal notices have mailed. Please remember to renew as soon as possible to avoid any reinstatement fees. 

Once you have received your renewal notice by mail or e-mail, please update your account information and remit your fee online at the link above. For renewal applications, please remember to use the renewal code provided to pay the renewal rate of $20.00. New applications will pay the initial registration fee of $25.00. As a reminder, burglar alarm system permits expire 12/31 each year.

Special Notice: The Board of Trustees has temporarily suspended false alarms service charges for our residents. Effective 12/14/2022 through 4/30/2023, residential alarms systems will not be charged a service fee for any false alarm calls. Please use this opportunity to register, engage, and ensure that your alarm system is in full working order.  

How the program works...​

The Village of Northbrook Municipal Code Chap. 3, Art. II establishes an alarm permit process to ensure that all residential and commercial alarm systems are registered with the Village. This system provides the Police Department with up-to-date, accurate information about the responsible party, alarm company and any key holder(s) and helps reduce the number of false/non-bona fide alarm responses by our officers. Police responses to non-bona fide alarm calls far outweigh the number of responses to bona-fide alarm calls. In order to reduce this strain on Village resources, the Police Department requires this information to have a better understanding of the number of alarms within the Village and have appropriate information available for resolution of alarm-related issues. 

If you have just moved to Northbrook or are installing a home alarm system, you can obtain a paper application at the Police Department or at the link included above.

There is an initial registration fee of $25.00 which is due with your alarm permit application. Alarm systems installed after October 1st will receive credit for the following calendar year. An automatic renewal will occur each January with a $20.00 renewal fee. A renewal invoice will be mailed to you by the Village. Failure to renew an alarm permit or pay service charges in a timely manner may result in a reinstatement fee of $75.00. Alarm permits are non-transferable.

What happens when my alarm system activates?

Your alarm monitoring company should not wait for the verification process, if it receives a panic, duress or hold-up signal. They should dispatch police personnel immediately. If the alarm monitoring company does not receive proper cancellation codes, the Northbrook Police Department will be contacted and emergency personnel will be dispatched to your location.

A false alarm occurs when a security system is activated where there is no emergency – whether it is activated willfully, unintentionally, negligently or inadvertently. It also includes a system that is activated due to mechanical, electrical malfunctions or weather conditions. You must provide an alternate source of power in order to prevent false alarm due to loss of electrical power. We suggest battery power as an alternate.

A true alarm is when an alarm system is activated by an attempted or actual illegal entry, theft, robbery; or an observable act of vandalism. All tests of telephone lines or equipment on the premises, requires prior notice of the testing or repair to the Northbrook Police Department. Please call our non-emergency number at 847-564-2060 in advance to let us know that you will be testing your alarm.

How do I avoid a false alarm response?

• Review your cancellation policy with your alarm monitoring company

• Arrange for your alarm company to verify an alarm occurrence, before they call police

• Train family and/or staff on how to operate your alarm system

• Make sure others users – out of town visitors, cleaning crews - are also aware of the system

• Ensure all windows and doors remain secured, once alarm is activated

• Check for proper installation and/ or faulty equipment

• Businesses should notify their alarm company of unscheduled openings and closings

What if an alarm response was activated inadvertently?

The alarm administrator shall have the authority, but not the obligation, to nullify the existence of an alarm occurrence when the official village police report of the occurrence reflects one (1) of the following circumstances exists:

(1) A burglary in fact occurred.

(2) An attempted intrusion occurred clearly evidenced by damage at the location.

(3) The alarm was inadvertently activated by fire or police personnel during the performance of their official duties.

Or, after determining that one (1) or more of the following circumstance exist:

(1) Evidence of an actual intrusion or an obvious intrusion attempt supported by evidence other than the official village police report of the occurrence;

(2) Evidence of electrical utility outage conditions lasting eight (8) hours or longer and affecting a general neighborhood area;

(3) Evidence of a tornado, earthquake or other violent and extreme conditions of nature or acts of God, excluding thunder, snow, ice and electrical storms;

(4) Alarm occurrences during the thirty-day period following installation of an alarm system;

(5) Evidence, in a form satisfactory to the alarm administrator, that the alarm system in question has been satisfactorily serviced or repaired within thirty (30) days following the alarm occurrence in question. This circumstance shall not, however, constitute grounds for waiver or nullification unless the alarm administrator is completely satisfied that the service or repair will eliminate alarm occurrences similar to the one in question; or

(6) Evidence that the alarm user of the alarm system in question has implemented a training program, satisfactory to the alarm administrator, to instruct involved persons (family members, employees and/or contractual personnel) in the proper use of the alarm system. This circumstance shall not, however, constitute grounds for waiver or nullification unless the alarm administrator is completely satisfied that the training program will reduce or eliminate alarm occurrences similar to the one in question.

Holders of a valid alarm user permit may request a review by the alarm administrator to seek waiver or nullification of an alarm occurrence provided that the request is made within forty-five (45) days following the date of the alarm occurrence in question.

What are the service charges for a false alarm response?

There is no fee for the first two (2) burglar alarm false activations with police response within each calendar year, when an alarm permit is in good standing.  Whenever an alarm permit is not in good standing, the alarm user shall not be entitled to two (2) free alarm under the annual fee ordinance and will be required to pay service charges commencing with the first alarm occurrence by starting at the amount established for the third occurrence for valid permits.

After the first two alarm occurrences, the fees listed in the table below will be applied.

What happens if I fail to pay my service fees?

All service charges must be paid within twenty-eight (28) days of the date on the invoice rendered.

The failure to promptly pay any service charge imposed pursuant to and in the manner described in this article (for which a nullification or waiver has not been granted by the alarm administrator) shall constitute an offense. If the alarm user holding the alarm permit fails to pay the service fees and other amounts due after the certified final notice letter has been sent, then the village manager is authorized to take such action as may be necessary to collect such unpaid amounts. A reinstatement fee as set forth by the village fee ordinance will also be due to place the alarm permit back in good standing.

More Questions?

Please contact Alarm Administrator Jason Batalden at

Please note: The village assumes no liability for any defects in the operation of any alarm system, for any actions or failure to act of any alarm business, alarm contractor, alarm user, or other person in connection with the transmission or receipt of alarm signals, or any action or failure to act upon receipt of an alarm from any source. It is not the intention of the village to create or assume any special duty or any other duty other than that owed to the general public shall be created by virtue of this chapter or any actions taken or failure to act thereunder.

False Alarm Occurrence within the calendar year  Service Fee (unregistered account) Service Fee (registered account)
1st - 2nd $120 per occurrence $0 per occurrence
3rd - 5th $120 per occurrence $120 per occurrence
6th - 9th $240 per occurrence $240 per occurrence
10th - 11th $480 per occurrence $480 per occurrence
12th or more $1000 per occurrence $1000 per occurrence