Subsidized Taxi Program

The Village's Subsidized Taxicab Program offers residents of incorporated Village of Northbrook who are 55 years or older or disabled an affordable transportation option. 

Subsidized Taxicab Program Application

The program utilizes an electronic swipe card (ESC) to offset the metered fare. At the beginning of each month, 16 ride subsidies are automatically loaded to participant's ESC. Each ride subsidy has a value of $5. Ride subsidies will not roll-over from month to month.

How to Use an ESC

  • Swipe your ESC at the end of your taxi ride before any additional forms of payment. Your ESC works the same way as a credit card.
  • After the transaction is approved, a $5.00 ride credit is deducted from your ESC. You may not swipe the ESC more than once per taxi ride.  
  • If your metered fare is more than $5.00, you are responsible for the remaining amount, as well as any tips you wish to include at the time of travel. The ESC may not be used as a tip. Taxi companies will only be reimbursed for the metered fare.
  • If an ESC is lost or stolen, please notify the Village of Northbrook immediately. The first ESC is provided at no cost; replacement cards cost $1.00 per card.

Cards may only be used with the following taxi companies:

American Taxi: 847-673-1000

303 Taxi: 847-368-0303

BriteLift (for ambulatory transportation): 847-792-1212

ESCs are available to registered users at the Village Hall or, if requested, by U.S. Mail. ESCs may only be used by the resident to whom the card is issued. Use of an ESC by someone other than the resident to whom the card is issued will result in revocation of the ESC and suspension of the resident from the program.

Please note, non-use of the Subsidized Taxi Program for two years will require residents to reapply for the program. Any changes in resident names, addresses, or contact information (i.e., phone numbers), must be reported to the Village of Northbrook.

If using 303 Taxi, your ride balance will be displayed at the bottom of your receipt under "Balance".