Spring 2021 Parkway Tree Planting Program

The Village of Northbrook is pleased to offer again to residents an opportunity to participate in planting a tree on the parkway in front of their home.

The Village works with the Suburban Tree Consortium to purchase landscape sized trees in various species that will be a great addition to your property. Some of the benefits that you will receive when planting a tree are:

  • Improved energy costs because trees provide shade and cool your home
  • Improved air quality because trees filter air pollution
  • Better sound quality around your home because trees buffer noise  
  • Increased property values by 12-20%
  • Increased psychological benefits (trees make us feel better!)

The Village will provide and install the tree on your parkway after you discuss what tree you may want with the Village Forester. The cost share is $175, which is a fraction of the retail price for a full planted landscape tree. The Parkway Tree Planting Program is an excellent value for Northbrook residents!

Program Details

New trees will be 2-inch diameter or about 8-feet tall. A property owner’s cost share will be $175 per tree ordered, regardless of variety or size. Multiple trees may be ordered, providing there is adequate room within the public parkway area. The Village makes the final determination on planting location. Trees may not be refused, moved, or exchanged for any reason.

No trees may be ordered for private property.

The trees will be scheduled for planting throughout May, as weather permits. Orders must be submitted by Thursday, March 4, 2021.

Make checks payable to Village of Northbrook for $175 per tree ordered. Return order form by Thursday, March 4, to:

Terry Cichocki, Village Forester
Northbrook Public Works
655 Huehl Rd., Northbrook, IL 60062


Trees must be planted equidistant from curb and sidewalks, typically at least 35-feet from other parkway trees; at least 10-feet from a driveway or street light; at least 45-feet from an intersection to ensure unobstructed sight lines; and at least 5-feet from manholes, fire hydrants, and b-boxes. Note: Trees cannot be planted in the same spot as a recently removed parkway tree due to old root mass. 

Ten species of trees are currently available on a first come, first serve basis. All trees have limited quantities.

Fill out the order form here. For more information and to discuss tree selections, contact Terry Cichocki, Village Forester, at 847-664-4125 or Terry.Cichocki@northbrook.il.us.

2021 Tree Selections

Triumph Elm or Accolade Elm (hybrid-to resist Dutch Elm Disease)


Crown: Upright                

Height:  60   Width:  40’

Growth Rate: Fast                

Size:  Large

Summer Foliage: Glossy, dark green       

Fall Foliage:  Yellow

Fruit:  Seedless

Princeton Elm (hybrid to resist common Elm disease and pests)


Crown: Vase-shaped        

Height:  40’  Width:  30’

Growth Rate: Fast        

Size:  Large    

Summer Foliage:  Deep Green, glossy    

Fall Foliage:  Yellow

Fruit:  Seedless

Bald Cypress ’Shawnee Brave’


Crown: Widely pyramidal        

Height:  50’  Width:  35’

Growth Rate: Medium            

Size:  Large

Summer Foliage: Bright green needles    

Fall Foliage: Russet, soft brown

Bark: Attractive reddish brown fibrous    

Fruit: Small cones persisting on mature trees

Purple Robe Black Locust


Crown: Upright            

Height:  70’    Width: 25’

Growth Rate: Fast            

Size:  Large

Summer Foliage:  Green pinnate leaf    

Spring:  Purple, fragrant flowers

Fall Foliage: 

Fruit:  Pods

Tulip Tree  


Crown:  Oval, Upright                

Height:  55’  Width:  25’-45’

Growth Rate: Medium                

Size:  Large

Summer Foliage:  Bright green leaves resemble tulips    

Fall Foliage:  Yellow-orange

Flowers:  Yellow flowers on mature trees    

Fruits:  Conical cluster of samara on mature trees

Swamp White Oak


Crown:  Pyramidal and full        

Height:  50’  Width:  40’

Growth Rate: Medium            

Size:  Large

Summer Foliage:  Deep Green        

Fall Foliage:  Golden yellow

Feature: Exfoliating bark        

Fruit:  Acorns on mature trees

Chinkapin Oak


Crown:  Upright oval        

Height:  60’ Width:  45’

Growth Rate: Medium        

Size:  Large

Summer Foliage:  Dark Green    

Fall Foliage:  Yellow

Fruit:  Acorns on mature trees

London Planetree “Exclamation”


Crown:  Moderately pyramidal        

Height:  60’   Width:  45’

Growth Rate: Fast            

Size:  Large

Summer Foliage: Large, bright-green     

Fall Foliage:  Yellow brown

Bark:  Attractive exfoliating creamy white large plates

Kentucky Coffeetree 


Crown: Oval                    

Height:  60’  Width:  40’

Growth Rate: Medium                

Size:  Large

Summer Foliage: Glossy, dark green        

Fall Foliage:  Golden yellow

Fruit: Seedless (male trees only)

Ohio Buckeye or Baumann Horsechestnut


Crown:  Rounded, dense    

Height:  40’  Width:  40’

Growth Rate:  Medium        

Size:  Medium

Summer Foliage: Green    

Fall Foliage:  Yellow

Flowers/Fruit: White panicle flower and chestnut fruit