COVID-19 Vaccine

Village of Northbrook/Glenview COVID-19 Booster Shot Clinic for Ages 12+

The Village is proud to partner with our local schools and Jewel-Osco to offer a Pfizer booster shot clinic for individuals ages 12 and up. The clinic is taking place at the former Grainger site (1657 Shermer Road) on Monday, January 17, from 10am-1pm. 

Appointments are required. Register for an appointment at

Vaccine Eligibility:

  • Individuals must present their CDC vaccine card with proof of 1st and 2nd doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. 
  • Everyone ages 12 and up may receive a booster shot if they are at least 5 months past their initial Pfizer vaccination series. 

What to Bring to the Appointment:

  • Completed and signed consent form (download here)
  • A valid state ID/driver's license
  • Proof of insurance (if you have insurance)
  • For all patients ages 5-17 years old, signature of a parent or legal guardian is required on the consent form.
  • For all patients ages 5-15, a parent, guardian, or non-custodial adult must be present and witness the vaccination.

More Details:

  • After receiving the Pfizer booster shot, you will have to remain in an observation area for at least 15 minutes.
  • Wear vaccine appropriate clothes (short sleeves) to expedite the process.
  • A 10% off Jewel-Osco grocery coupon will be provided to everyone receiving a vaccine.

If you make an appointment for yourself or your child and later have a conflict, please go into the system to cancel your appointment to make it available to another individual in our community.  

CDC Expands Booster Shot Eligibility and Strengthens Recommendations for 12-17 Year Olds

The CDC now recommends booster shots at 5 months after the completion of the primary series of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for those aged 12 and older. See media statement

State Expands Operations at Vaccination Locations and Testing Sites

Governor JB Pritzker has directed the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) to enhance its partnerships with local health department mass vaccination operations throughout the state to help meet the growing demand for the COVID-19 vaccine booster. The State of Illinois is more than doubling personnel and adding at least 100 people to regional sites – administering vaccinations, preparing vaccine doses for clinic personnel, and doing data entry.  

Additionally, starting the week of January 3, the state’s free Community Based Testing Sites will begin operating six days a week to increase COVID-19 testing availability across the state.  

Cook County residents can make a vaccination appointment at Other locations in Illinois are as follows:

Anyone age 12 and older who is in need of a first or second dose may also utilize a State of Illinois free clinic. While adults have the ability to mix-and-match their booster vaccine, 16- and 17-year-olds are only authorized to receive the Pfizer-BioNTech booster.   

If you are unable to attend one of these mass vaccination booster clinics, you can visit to find a clinic near you.  

As people gather indoors with family and friends for the holidays, state and local health officials urge residents to continue practicing preventive public health measures: vaccinations, booster shots, wearing masks, avoiding large crowds and social distancing where possible all remain our most effect tools for fighting COVID-19.  

Cook County Department of Public Health Announces New COVID-19 Mitigation Measures

On December 23, 2021, the Cook County Department of Public Health (CCDPH) announced new COVID-19 mitigation measures to protect against the rapid spread of the Omicron variant of COVID-19. These mitigation measures apply throughout suburban Cook County and will align the County and the City of Chicago. Referred to as a Vaccine Requirement, the following new mitigation measures began January 3.

On January 3, CCDPH amended the mitigation order to include an exemption for youth athletics and recreation taking place in facilities where food and drinks are not served. For more details, read CCDPH's FAQ.

Mask Mandate Continues
All Businesses and Individuals:
• Indoor mask mandates remain in effect regardless of vaccination status.
• Mask refers to a complete and tight knit fabric or cloth, or medical mask that is appropriately sized for the individual’s face to snuggly cover the nasal openings and mouth without the necessity of being held in place by the individual’s hands.
• Masks may be removed at restaurants, bars and other eating/drinking establishments by patrons when they are actively eating/drinking while stationary.
• Physical distancing of six feet should be maintained where feasible.

New Vaccine Requirements
At indoor settings where food or drink are served for on-premises consumption, and health and fitness centers:
• Businesses must require any individual 5 years of age and older to show proof that they are fully-vaccinated against COVID-19 with an approved vaccine in order to enter the establishment. Exemptions: Individuals entering an establishment for less than 10 minutes for ordering and carrying out food; making a delivery; or using restroom facilities.
• Businesses must require Patrons age 16 and older to show identification (including but not limited to driver’s license, passport, government ID, work or school ID) with information that corresponds to the vaccination proof.
• Businesses must post signage advising patrons of this vaccine requirement. Such signage must be posted at all entrances to the premises as well as prominently posted in an area visible to patrons and staff within the establishment.  Businesses may allow patrons to provide the required vaccination proof prior to entry, either directly to the business itself or through an intermediary such as an event planner.
• Employees must be vaccinated or must weekly show proof of a negative COVID-19 test.
• Businesses must develop a written protocol providing details for how they will enforce this Order.

Indoor settings where food or drink are served for on-premises consumption, and health and fitness centers include but are not limited to:
Indoor dining establishments, including bars, breweries, wine / spirit tasting rooms, restaurants, private clubs, country clubs, banquet halls, dining areas within any public business that is ancillary to the main business (cafes within grocery stores, other retail, etc.) coffee shops, food courts and food halls;
• Event spaces, including hotel ballrooms and commercial event and party venues and nightclubs.
• Recreation and entertainment venues in areas where food or beverages are served, including movie theaters, live performance spaces, skating rinks, adult entertainment venues, bowling alleys, play spaces, family entertainment centers, billiard halls, and venues for card playing; and
All indoor settings for recreation and exercise, including health clubs, gyms, fitness centers, hotel fitness centers, recreation centers, yoga studios, cross-fit studios, cycling studios, dance studios, fieldhouses, boxing and kickboxing gyms, and other facilities conducting group fitness classes indoors.  All sports participants playing indoors should continue to follow the Illinois Department of Public Health Sports and Safety Guidance.

This Order does not apply to:
• Houses of worship and does not limit the free exercise of religion. To protect the health and safety of faith leaders, staff, congregants and visitors, religious organizations and houses of worship are strongly encouraged to consult and follow CDC recommendations for Communities of Faith. Religious organizations are strongly encouraged to take steps to ensure social distancing, and implementation of other public health measures.
• K-12 schools, preschools, and child care centers.
• Indoor locations in a residential or office building the use of which is limited to residents, owners, or tenants of that building.
• Charitable food service establishments, such as soup kitchens.

Public Health Officials emphasize that the vaccine requirement, along with the masking requirement, continue to be a powerful defense against COVID-19. 

Cook County Department of Public Health is requiring the business establishments who are subject to this order to develop and keep a written record describing the protocol for implementing and enforcing the vaccine requirement.

Read the complete order here.

More information is available at

CCDPH has indicated their website will be updated soon with information on webinars for businesses, signage and additional information. The Village will monitor the release of this information and share additional details as information becomes available. 

Business patrons are reminded of how much Northbrook’s businesses have done, and continue to do to protect the health of customers and workers. Please be respectful of business employees as they work to comply with Cook County’s Vaccine Requirement.

Residents and those who work in Northbrook are reminded of the extremely high COVID-19 transmission rate that exists currently in Cook County.  Public health officials recommend residents test for COVID-19 before gathering with friends and family for the holidays or if they think they may have been exposed to someone with COVID-19.

A list of walk-in and drive-thru (or mobile) COVID-19 testing sites, in addition to other testing information, is available at

Health officials also recommend layering proven COVID-19 mitigation measures, which include limiting high-risk exposures, wearing masks indoors and in crowded outdoor settings and maintaining social distance from people who don’t live in your household.

To make an appointment for a vaccine, please visit

CDC Provides Guidance on COVID-19 Vaccine Booster ShotsThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) strengthened its recommendation on booster doses for individuals who are 18 years and older. Per the CDC, everyone ages 18 and older is encouraged to get a booster shot either when they are 6 months after their initial Pfizer or Moderna series or 2 months after their initial J&J vaccine. The recent emergence of the Omicron variant further emphasizes the importance of vaccination, boosters, and prevention efforts needed to protect against COVID-19. Visit to find a vaccination location near you.

Northbrook/Glenview Vaccination Clinic for Children Ages 5-11

The Village of Northbrook is partnering with the Village of Glenview and Jewel-Osco to offer COVID-19 vaccine clinics to children ages 5-11 at the former Grainger site (1657 Shermer Road). Jewel-Osco has confirmed allocation of over 1,000 doses at each of two clinics: 

  • Thursday, November 11 (1st dose) / December 2 (2nd dose) 
  • Wednesday, November 17 (1st dose) / December 8 (2nd dose)

Clinics will be held from 2pm-7:45pm. Appointments are required. Register for an appointment at

Please note that these clinics will only have pediatric doses; there will not be an opportunity to vaccinate children 12+, or adults. If your child is turning 12 soon, please talk to a trusted health advisor about which vaccine is best for your child. Also talk to a trusted health advisor if your child recently tested positive for COVID. 

Here’s what to bring to your child’s vaccination appointments: 

  • Parent or guardian identification.
  • Proof of insurance (if you have insurance) -- but insurance is not required.
  • Completed and signed consent form. Please complete and sign the form before arrival. A parent or legal guardian must sign this form. It’s important that the parent/guardian name is also clearly printed on the form, and that the child’s birth date is correct. It is strongly advised that a parent accompanies their child; if another caregiver brings your child, they cannot complete the consent form. 

For space and safety purposes, we ask that only one parent or guardian accompanies each child.

Vaccination is by appointment only; walk-ins will not be allowed. If you make an appointment for your child and later have a conflict, please go into the system to cancel your appointment to make it available to another child in our community.  

You don’t need to register for your child’s second dose appointment; it is automatically scheduled at the same time, exactly three weeks after the first:

  • If your child receives their first dose on November 11, their second appointment is December 2
  • If your child receives their first dose on November 17, their second appointment is December 8

You will receive a reminder card for your child’s second dose at your first appointment. Please bring that card, your child’s vaccination card, and a completed and signed consent form (yes, you must complete and sign two consent forms, one for each appointment). 

As with older children and adults, you will have to remain in an observation area for at least 15 minutes after the vaccine is administered. The room will be set up with activities for children and information for parents about the vaccine in general, and how to prepare for the second dose. 

Other Vaccine Opportunities

If space is full, parents or legal guardians can access other vaccination opportunities for their children at Walgreens or CVS:

COVID-19 Vaccinations Open to Ages 12 to 15

The Illinois Department of Public Health announced that vaccination locations across the state are prepared to administer the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine to individuals ages 12 through 15. COVID-19 vaccinations for those 12 years and older are available at state-supported mass vaccination and mobile clinics, local health departments, pharmacies, Federally Qualified Health Centers, and from other providers who offer the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. Get more details here

Suburban Cook County In-Home COVID-19 Vaccination

The Cook County Department of Health (CCDPH) is working to integrate mobile home health care vaccination services to reach home-bound individuals who are unable to go to the CCDPH's COVID-19 vaccination sites to get the vaccine.

Please note that CCDPH vaccination sites are ADA accessible, and this program is specifically for suburban Cook County residents who are unable to leave home for medical reasons. Individuals living outside suburban Cook County are not eligible for this program. 

Sign up by calling CCDPH's hotline at 833-308-1988 (weekdays from 7am-10pm and Saturdays from 8am-10pm) or sign up online here

To qualify for this program, individuals in suburban Cook County must be a senior or a person with a disability who requires in-home assistance or have to use adaptive equipment (like a ventilator, crutches, a walker, a wheelchair, etc.) and/or accessible transportation to leave home and leaving home is not an option because doing so requires considerable and taxing effort.

Village Church Helping Community Members Find Vaccine Appointments

If you need assistance finding or being transported to a vaccine appointment, the Village Church of Northbrook is offering their services to the Northbrook community. For more information about how the team can help you, fill out the Virus Application Form on the church's website. You may also call the church office at 847-272-0900. Are you an organization helping Northbrook community members with vaccine appointments? Email us here to be added to our list of resources. 

Cook County Opens Vaccination Registration Website

Cook County opened a website where those living and working in Cook County can sign up for updates and submit information to schedule a vaccination appointment when available. View the website here. For questions or to schedule an appointment, Cook County residents and workers can also call the Vaccine Sign-Up Hotline at 833-308-1988 from 7am-7pm on weekdays. Appointments are required to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, and Cook County Health plans to release new appointments every Friday at noon.

Providing all the information requested will ensure that you are notified properly as the program expands. Vaccine supply is still limited, so please be patient. 

By signing up, you will receive the following:

  • Updates on the vaccine and the Community Vaccination Program
  • Notification for when vaccine administration is open to your phase
  • Information on scheduling a vaccine appointment through Cook County Health
  • Information on vaccine distribution locations throughout Cook County

CCDPH expanded to Phase 1b of their vaccination plan on January 25. Phase 1b includes members of the general public aged 65 and over, police, firefighters, and other essential workers, such as manufacturing employees and grocery store workers. They will continue to prioritize any remaining Phase 1a individuals.

COVID-19 Vaccine Hotline

Call 833-308-1988 (Cook County)

Call 833-621-1284 (State of Illinois)

Quick Links

COVID-19 Vaccine Information

The FDA has granted Emergency Use Authorization of the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines. Vaccination for COVID-19 in suburban Cook County is being rolled out in phases by the Cook County Department of Public Health (CCDPH) based on national guidance. Suburban Cook County started to receive vaccines on December 16, 2020.

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How can I stay updated?

Sign up with Cook County's new COVID-19 vaccination website to receive the following:

  • Updates on the Vaccine and the Community Vaccination Program
  • Notification for when vaccine administration is open to your phase
  • Information on scheduling a vaccine appointment through Cook County Health
  • Information on vaccine distribution locations throughout Cook County

Information about additional phases of anticipated vaccine distribution is available on CCDPH’s COVID Vaccine webpage.

Northbrook Paramedic Ken Morton getting the COVID-19 VaccineKen Morton, Fire Apparatus Engineer/Paramedic from the Northbrook Fire Department, received the COVID-19 vaccine on Wednesday, December 30, 2020.