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  1. Northbrook Reminders

    Water & Sanitary Sewer Rates Increase May 1, 2023

    Water and sanitary sewer rates will increase by $0.26 and $0.44 per 1,000 gallons, respectively. For the average Northbrook bill, these rate changes will result in a $10.50 increase per quarter. The last rate increase for both utilities was in May 2018. Read on...
  2. Northbrook Court

    Northbrook Court Redevelopment Master Plan

    On April 25, 2023, Ben Freeman, Sr. VP Commercial Development with Brookfield Properties, the owner of Northbrook Court, gave a public presentation on a Conceptual Master Plan for the Redevelopment of Northbrook Court... Learn more
  3. Northbrook News

    Moody's Assigns Aaa Rating to Northbrook

    Moody's Investors Service has confirmed the Village of Northbrook's Aaa general obligation unlimited tax rating and assigned a Aaa issuer rating with a stable outlook. Read on...
  4. Northbrook Reminders

    Updated Smoke Alarm Law

    As of January 1, 2023, any new smoke alarms being installed within a single or multi-family home are required to be an alarm that features a 10-year sealed battery. Additional Info...
  5. Police Department Sign

    Gun Safety Initiatives in Northbrook

    At the July 26, 2022 Committee of the Whole meeting, the Board of Trustees discussed a number of potential gun safety initiatives for the Northbrook community. Read more about the initiatives and Board action on gun safety legislation. Additional Info...
  6. Village Hall and Flowers

    Welcoming and Inclusive Community Pledge

    On May 25, 2021, Village President Kathryn Ciesla and the Village Board of Trustees adopted a resolution endorsing the Welcoming and Inclusive Community Pledge. Learn more and sign the pledge. Additional Info...
  7. Person locking front door of home

    Be Aware of Ruse Entry Burglaries

    The Northbrook Police want residents to be aware of ruse entry burglaries. Criminals may pose as a professional needing to do unexpected work on or near your house as an attempt to distract you or draw you away from your home. Read on...
  8. Freedom Park Plaque with Names of Residents Currently Serving

    Freedom Park Honors Those Currently Serving

    Do you know any Northbrook residents currently serving in the military? Contact the Village to add their name to the plaque at Freedom Park. Read on...