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Northbrook Subsidized Taxicab Program
Phone: 847-664-4010
Link: Northbrook Taxi Program Webpage
Information on Northbrook's Taxi Cab Program: The Village of Northbrook Subsidized Taxicab Program was created to offer senior and permanently disabled residents an affordable transportation option in addition to what other agencies offer. The program utilizes tickets which can be used to offset the cost of the metered fare. Each of these trip tickets will have a value of $5 dollars and each participant will be allowed to use up to 15 tickets per month. Trip tickets will be made available to registered users at the Village Hall or, if requested, by U.S. Mail.

These tickets will only be accepted by taxi companies within the program:
- American Taxi - 847-673-1000
- 303 Taxi - 847-368-0303

The Subsidized Taxicab Program is available to all residents Village of Northbrook 55 years or older and disabled residents regardless of age. The program is exclusively for residents of incorporated Northbrook regardless of individual income.
Northfield Township's Dial-A-Ride Program
2550 Waukegan Road
Suite 100
Glenview, IL 60025
View Map
Phone: 847-724-8300

Link: Northfield Township's Dial-A-Ride Program Website
Information on Northfield Township's Dial-A-Ride Program: The Township's Dial-A-Ride program offers taxi tickets (value of $5 each) to residents age 65 and older to subsidize taxi trips. Click the link for more details.
Regional Transportation Authority (RTA)
Phone: 312-913-3110
Link: Regional Transportation Authority Reduced Fare Permits Page
Information on the RTA's Reduced Fare Program: The RTA manages a reduced fare permit program for seniors, which can reduce the cost of travel on Metra, Pace and the Chicago Transit Authority. For more information and how to get a permit, visit their website. Applications are available at Northbrook Village Hall (1225 Cedar), but not the permits themselves.
WiseUp – Aging with Attitude
Evanston, IL 60621
Phone: 847-721-1413

Link: WiseUp – Aging with Attitude
Information on WiseUp – Aging with Attitude: Aging with Attitude is a non-profit organization of seniors and volunteers dedicated to helping seniors age in place and provide a limited number of rides to medical and dental appointments. Membership required.
1 - 4 of 4 Listings