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Posted on: January 19, 2024

Water Plumbing Protection

As we respond to extremely cold temperatures this week and throughout the winter, it's crucial to protect your water meters and pipes. Frozen meters and pipes can lead to leaks and bursts. Any water meters or pipes that are not insulated or otherwise protected from the cold have the potential to freeze. Here's how you can safeguard your plumbing:

  • Keep warm air circulating by opening cabinet doors where plumbing is present, especially along exterior walls.
  • Seal windows and doors tightly to eliminate cold drafts near water pipes.
  • If you have glass blocks around meters, use old blankets for temporary insulation.
  • Keep your garage door closed to protect plumbing in the garage.
  • Concerned about specific pipes? Leave a faucet on at a low rate to keep water moving – moving water is less likely to freeze.

If faucets don't work, check if the issue is at the meter or in a single pipe. If there's no water at all, it's most likely a frozen meter. If one or more faucets don't work, it's most likely a frozen pipe. 

If your meter is frozen, call Public Works at 847-272-4711 (after hours, call Police at 847-564-2060).

If a pipe is frozen and leaking, shut off the water and call a plumber. If not damaged, thaw it by turning on the faucet and wrapping the frozen section with hot towels or using a hair dryer.

Remember, frozen pipes may not show damage until thawing, so keep an eye on the line. For questions, contact Public Works at 847-272-4711.

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