Public Works


655 Huehl Road
Northbrook, IL 60062


847-564-2060 (After Hours Police Non-Emergency Number)


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Office Hours
Monday - Friday
7 a.m. - 3 p.m.
(No deliveries after 2 p.m.)

After-Hours Emergencies
Please call the Police Department's non-emergency line at 847-564-2060 for after hours emergencies including water main breaks, leaking meters, sewer back-ups or flooding.

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Name Title Email Phone
Kischner, Mark Facilities Manager 847-664-4117
Frantz, Jim Sewer Supervisor  
Fontanez, Michael Water Distribution Supervisor 847-664-4116
Grubisich, Anna Administrative Clerk 847-664-4131
Hamill, Kelly Director of Public Works 847-664-4110
Hardt, Deanna Administrative Clerk 847-664-4026
Jensen, Erik Assistant to the Village Manager 847-664-4129
Kinney, Susan Administrative Assistant  
Lemke, Scott Streets Supervisor 847-272-4711
Metler, Jason Fleet Maintenance Supervisor 847-664-4130
Morrison, Matt Assistant Public Works Director 847-664-4111
Risinger, Paul General Operations Superintendent 847-272-4711
Rizzo, Joseph Utilities Superintendent 847-664-4139

Engineering Division 

655 Huehl Road
Northbrook, IL 60062

Link: Engineering Division Page

Name Title Email Phone
Farmer, Matt Village Engineer 847-272-4711
Baxa, Jim Civil Project Engineer 847-664-4119
Sobanski, Martin Project Manager I 847-664-4118
Walters, Nailah Project Manager 847-664-4132
Koza, Jeff Capitol Projects Manager 847-664-4124
Huff, Jim Enigineering Technician 847-664-4122
Turcotte, Brian Public Improvement Inspector 847-664-4121
Beladi, Aram Project Manager 847-664-4133

Forestry Services 

655 Huehl Road
Northbrook, IL 60062

Link: Forestry Services Page

Name Title Email Phone
Cacioppo, Mark Tree Preservation Officer 847-664-4123
Cichocki, Terry Village Forester 847-664-4125