What is a Paid-On-Call Firefighter (POC)?
Northbrook Fire Department staffs a Paid-on-Call Program of eighteen firefighters. After recruitment, a Paid-on-Call candidate attends nine weeks at a fire academy to complete Firefighter II, HazMat Awareness, HazMat First Responder Operations, Technical Rescue Awareness, and Fire Service Vehicle Operator certification. Members of the POC Program supplement Northbrook's career/full-time firefighting companies during call-backs when additional staffing is required by directly participating in fire and rescue operations.

POCs fight fires, respond to fire alarms, support technical rescue incidents, vehicle extrications, hazardous material incidents, and medical emergencies. Paid-on-Call Firefighters also help staff public education details.

Some of these public education events include fire drills, Northbrook Days, block parties, and the 4th of July. Many of our Paid-on-Call Firefighters are also career/full-time firefighters in other communities; several POCs are Paramedics or are currently in Paramedic school.

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