How long will it take to get a building permit?
The process of obtaining an approved building permit can take many weeks, with some of that time being on the applicants’ side in responding to any unaddressed code items that were identified during the plan review process. The following information indicates (by permit category) how long you may expect to wait to receive notice of any outstanding information necessary or if all items are addressed in on your plans, for acknowledgement that your plans have been approved:

- Over the counter (sewer repair, electrical only, etc.) up to 24 hours
- Small Projects (Decks, sheds, basements, kitchens/baths, parking lot resurfacing, etc) up to 10 business days
- Large Single Family Residential (SFR) Projects (Additions or large scale remodeling) take up to 15 business days
- New Single Family Residence or Large Commercial Remodeling can take up to 20 business days
- New Commercial Building Negotiated time frame (size and scope dependent)
- Reviews of “Re-submittals” from plan review comments generally take 10 business days

*What can you do to improve the total time it takes to obtain your permits? You can use our submittal guidelines and other informative handouts to ensure that you have included all the information necessary for your permit review.

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