My neighbor is participating, and I don't like it.

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1. What is No Mow May?
2. Who does this apply to?
3. Why is Northbrook doing this?
4. Is Northbrook the only village doing this?
5. Is there evidence that delayed mowing helps pollinators?
6. How do I participate?
7. Can I only do a portion of my yard?
8. What if I think my grass is getting too long?
9. Dandelions are non-native weeds, why should I let them grow?
10. What should I do about dandelion seed heads in my yard?
11. My neighbor is participating, and I don't like it.
12. What about ticks?
13. I have allergies, should I be concerned?
14. What happens after No Mow May for enforcement?
15. Does the Village grass height ordinance refer to all grasses?
16. What else can a property owner that cares deeply about pollinators be doing?