What happens after Slow Mow May for enforcement?

Participating properties are expected to comply with ordnance when the enforcement pause ends on June 1. The maximum height with enforcement is 8 inches. Enforcement of the grass height ordinance begins again in June. The ordinance is enforced by municipal code officers in the Department of Development and Planning. The process is as follows:

  1. Someone files a complaint on a property for violating the municipal code. This can be done online or by calling 847 664 4050.
  2. Municipal code officers confirm the violation and send a letter that notifies the property owner that a complaint has been filed and that they must mow within 5 days.  
  3. Municipal code officers revisit the property to ensure the violation is resolved. If it is not, the Village will send out our landscaping contractors to mow, and the property owner is charged for this service.

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