Multi-Family Alteration

An alteration permit is required when any interior walls or structural elements are to be changed within a residence. Examples of alterations include, removing walls between rooms; enlarging, removing or relocating windows or doors; interior structural changes in the wall, floor or roof; or constructing new tenant units, condominiums or apartments.

Application Requirements

  • Permit Application Packet - The documents below have been combined into one PDF file.
    1. Permit Application
    2. Non-Residential Zoning Worksheet
    3. Building Site & Utility Data Worksheet
    4. Water Service & Meter Worksheet
    5. Tree Protection Agreement
    6. Fire Protection - Letter of Understanding (Separate Fire Protection permit required)
    7. Contractor of Record (Contractor License Requirements / Contractor License Application)

Application Fees & Deposits

  • Permit Application Deposit - $100
  • Building Permit and Inspection Fee - $200 minimum fee or under 1,500 square feet ($25 will apply per additional 1,000 square feet over 1,500) (Due at time of permit pick-up)
  • Additional fees may apply at time of permit pick-up

Drawing Requirements

Construction Submittal Requirements

The following may apply during the course of construction:

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