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Welcoming and Inclusive Community Pledge

  1. Welcoming and Inclusive Community Pledge - Village of Northbrook
  2. I pledge to stand against hate and discrimination and affirm that the Village of Northbrook should be a welcoming community for all. I am proud of Northbrook's diversity and that of our entire region. I recognize that at every level of American society, people of all backgrounds contribute to our democracy, culture and economy. We must advance the fundamental rights and principles upon which the United States was founded, establishing the equality and dignity of all people regardless of their background.

    I condemn any verbal or non-verbal attacks, harassment, or intimidation based on race, ethnicity, color, immigration or refugee status, religion or creed, gender or sexual orientation, age, mental or physical disability, veteran status, or other social identities, as well as discourse that disrespects or degrades people's identities, needs, and beliefs. From our schools to our neighborhoods and our government buildings, Northbrook must be a place that respects our differences and believes that diverse perspectives create better outcomes.

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