Lead Service Line Replacement

The Village of Northbrook does not have any lead water mains within its water distribution system. However, some homes that were constructed prior to the mid-1950’s may have a lead service line that connects their home to the water main. The Village of Northbrook has recently corresponded with property owners who may have lead service lines, based on specific criteria such as the age of the home (constructed before the mid-1950s), property demolition and reconstruction prior to 1990, or completion of a major remodel before 1995. By implementing this procedure, the Village has successfully decreased the number of properties potentially affected by lead service lines to fewer than 500. In order to inform property owners about this situation, the Village has sent out survey letters to properties that meet the criteria. These surveys were sent in December 2022, February 2023, and May 2023. If you believe your home may have a lead service line, and you have not received a survey letter, please contact the Public Works Department.

Effective January 1, 2022, the Lead Service Line Replacement and Notification Act (Public Act 102-0613) mandates that water system owners and operators, such as the Village of Northbrook, create and maintain a record of lead service lines. Furthermore, they are required to develop a comprehensive plan for replacing these lines.

Understanding the Implications of the Lead Service Line Replacement and Notification Act
The Village of Northbrook, in accordance with the State of Illinois, has a mandate to establish a comprehensive inventory of lead service lines within its water distribution system by April 15th, 2024. In situations where property owners fail to respond to the Village's survey or deny access for verification purposes, the Village may resort to excavating at the buffalo-box to determine the service line material. Should this occur, the Village will conduct the excavation, replace the excavated material, and restore the site with black dirt and grass seed. Furthermore, the legislation requires the replacement of disturbed lead service lines within 120 days. Disturbances can include water shutdowns due to events like water main breaks, shut off valve/b-box operations, or service line breaks. In such cases, the Village will supply a water filtration kit with a six-month filter supply. After this period, property owners must either replace their portion of the lead service line or submit an IEPA waiver form to the State of Illinois. Additionally, the State of Illinois mandates that the Village of Northbrook develop a replacement plan for all lead service lines, irrespective of ownership. By 2042, all lead service lines must be replaced, with a minimum annual replacement rate of 7 percent from April 2027 on wards. To support property owners in fulfilling their lead service line replacement obligations, whether due to disturbances, owner-initiated replacement, or mandated replacement, the Village has established the Lead Service Line Replacement Cost Share Program.

Lead Service Line Replacement Cost Share Program Overview
The Lead Service Line Replacement Cost Share Program provides property owners with an opportunity to defray the cost of replacing the lead service line to their building. Under this program the Village will reimburse the property owner the full cost of the service line replacement between the water main and b-box/shut-off valve and up to 50 percent of the low bid or $5,000 (whichever is less) for the portion of service line between the b-box/shut-off valve and the foundation of the home. Residents will be required to apply to the program prior to the work beginning. Other conditions apply as outlined in the standard operating procedure (SOP).


Participation in the cost-share program for lead service line replacement will be granted to residents on a first-come, first-served basis, taking into account the availability of funds allocated in the Village Annual Budget. In order to join the program, residents must submit an application. Once their application is approved, residents must obtain three quotes for the work, unless they are participating in the program as part of a water main replacement project. To proceed with the replacement, residents are required to obtain a permit from the Development and Planning Services Department, with all associated fees waived by the Village. The work carried out must be inspected by the Village’s Plumbing Inspector. Failure to obtain a permit and pass the final inspection will result in ineligibility for reimbursement under this program. Additionally, before authorizing reimbursement to the property owner(s), the property owner must receive the contractor’s waiver of lien. All projects must be completed within 90 calendar days from the approval of the lowest bid.

Instances of eligibility for this program include:

  • Water Main Breaks
  • Service Line Breaks or Leaks
  • Owner Initiated Replacement
  • Water Main Replacements