Snow & Ice Control Ordinances and Procedures

Snow & Ice Control Ordinances

Snow and ice removal from Village streets is one of the most vital functions provided by the Village of Northbrook and the Public Works Department. Please be aware of the following regulations to help the Village's snow removal and ice control efforts.

Section 24-9 - Placing Snow in Streets

It is unlawful for any person to:
  • Plow or otherwise remove accumulated snow from a private parking lot and deposit same on a village street or right-of-way.
  • Plow snow from a private driveway and deposit same on a village street in such a manner as to decrease the drive-able width of any such street.
  • Plow snow from a private driveway and deposit same in such a manner as to block or decrease the use-able width of any other private driveway or to block a fire hydrant.

Section 24-10 - Interference With Snow Removal

It is unlawful for any person to obstruct, harass, prevent or otherwise interfere with any employee of the village engaged in snow removal service or to obstruct, cause damage to or otherwise interfere with any village owned, leased or contracted vehicle used in conjunction with snow removal services.

Section 24-103 - Snow Removal Operations (Parking)

Any vehicle parked upon any public street within the village during a snow emergency as defined by section 24-10.1, shall be deemed to be a hazardous vehicle pursuant to section 24-51, and shall be: (1) Subject to the towing without notice provision set forth in subsection 24-52(b); and
(2) Subject to the penalty provision set forth in section 24-97.
This section shall not apply to any vehicle parked within the on-street parking facility located on the north side of Milton Avenue between Keystone Avenue and Angle Avenue.

Section 24-10.1 - Snow Emergency

A snow emergency is hereby declared to be in effect immediately following the accumulation of at least two (2) inches of snow within a twenty-four-hour period. The snow emergency shall remain in effect until 6:00 a.m. the following day.

Standard Operating Procedures

The Public Works Department follows the following Village approved Standard Operating Procedures: