Sign Regulations

A permit is required for the installation and display of signs in commercial, industrial, and office zoning districts. Varations from sign installation and location standards are unvailable; however, special permits may be applied for in the C-4, C-5, O-1, O-3, O-4, I-1, I-2, OS, and IB Zoning Districts to allow signs to exceed 20 feet in height.

Application Steps & Requirements

  1. Review the Zoning Code Sign Regulations (PDF) to ensure that the proposed sign is allowed in the zoning district for your property. Please view the General Sign Regulation Summary (PDF).
  2. If proposing a sign in the downtown, please review the Design Review for Signage on Downtown Properties.
  3. If the proposed sign is allowed, a Sign Application (PDF) must be completed and submitted.

Application Fees & Deposits

Please view the Village's Sign Permit Fees (PDF) for a complete breakdown of fees based on the type of sign that is being installed.

Drawing Requirements

  • Two (2) drawings must be submitted for each sign that is proposed
  • Two (2) copies of the elevation drawn to scale (including height and frontage dimensions) must be submitted for each wall, awning, canopy, and marquee sign proposed
  • Two (2) copies of the plat of survey indicating the location and setbacks of the sign must be submitted for each ground or pylon sign proposed

Required Inspections

The Village does not require inspections for signs that have been approved in the Village.


If you have questions regarding the Village's signage regulations, please contact the Zoning Division in the Development and Planning Services Department at 847-664-4050.