Community Events

Flamingo Friday

Every Friday around 6pm, from Memorial Day through Labor Day, a neighborhood gathering is held in someone’s driveway. Northbrook neighbors take turns hosting Friday gatherings by placing a pink flamingo by their driveway to designate their home as the host. The host provides the driveway – everyone else brings their lawn chairs, beverages, and snacks, as desired. Depending on the group, gatherings can last 30 minutes or several hours. Despite its name, Flamingo Fridays do not have to take place on Fridays. Each neighborhood can determine what time/date is most convenient. The neighborhood’s pink lawn flamingo travels from host to host. Display the flamingo early - Monday or Tuesday – to get the word out.

If you don’t have a flamingo, you may pick one up from the Village Manager's Office at Village Hall, while supplies last.

National Night Out - Tuesday, August 3

On Tuesday, August 3, all are invited to join the Northbrook Police Department and the Northbrook Park District to celebrate National Night Out at Meadowhill Aquatic Center (1501 Maple Avenue) from 6-9pm. National Night Out is an annual community-building campaign that promotes police-community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie to make our communities safer, more caring places to live.

Bring your family and friends for an evening of fun at the pool while the Police Department and community share information and ideas about crime prevention and public safety.

This free event includes the following:

  • A canine demonstration with K9 Pongo
  • An appearance from McGruff the Crime Dog
  • Use of the pool
  • A DJ and dance music
  • Freeze pops and beverages
  • Safety and crime prevention tips

Fire Department Open House

Check back for details on the 2021 event!

Halloween Spooky Trail

Celebrate the spirit of the season on the Halloween Spooky Trail, presented by the Village of Northbrook, the Northbrook Arts Commission, the Northbrook Park District, and the Northbrook Library.

Check back for details on the 2021 event!

Celebration of Cultures

Each year, the Village’s Community Relations Commission (CRC) hosts a Celebration of Cultures featuring many of the cultures represented in the North Shore.

Check back for details on the 2021 event!

Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a time to thank and honor all those who served in the military, both in wartime and peacetime. This day is a time to remember our veterans, as well as those currently serving.

Check back for details on the 2021 event!

Earth & Arbor Day

Since 1989, the Village and Park District have hosted an annual Earth & Arbor Day Celebration in April. The celebration includes recycling opportunities, a sustainable vendor exhibition, and volunteer opportunities. 

Check back for details on the 2022 event!

Memorial Day

Check back for details on the 2022 event!

Plein Air Photography Festival

The Northbrook Arts Commission once again held the Plein Air Photography Festival for Northbrook residents. In "plein air" style, residents were asked to photograph around Northbrook with fresh eyes and a new perspective! 


Note: By submitting photographs for the Plein Air Photography Festival, you are granting the Village of Northbrook permission to use your images in Village publications and other communications pieces.

Check back for details on the 2022 event!

4th of July

Check back for details on the 2022 events!

Plein Air Painting Festival

The Northbrook Arts Commission, in partnership with the Park District, hosts the annual Plein Air Painting Festival. Held in the fall, the event features dozens of artists painting Northbrook landscapes throughout the Village. The event features live music, painting demonstrations, and a chance to purchase original art. Check back for details on the 2021 event!