2021 - Center Avenue and First Street Stormwater Project

General Information

Tentative Completion Date Friday, October 22, 2021
Project Manager Michael Weller, Project Manager
Contractor Mauro Sewer Construction, Inc.
Awarded Contract Amount $525,407
Funding Sources Grants/Bonds
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The Village recognizes that this project will impact a large number of residents living in the immediate area. For that reason, the NotifyMe e-mail listserv is available to anyone who is interested in the project can get regular updates on the project as well as information on any detours. If you are interested, please subscribe at this link

Project Description

This project involves constructing new storm sewers and water main on Center Avenue and First Street to reduce the frequency and intensity of localized flooding. The existing storm sewer is undersized which causes flooding during even small rainfall intensities. This project also includes the relocation of water main that is in conflict with the proposed storm sewers.  The location of the proposed storm sewer will disturb existing sidewalks that will need to be replaced.  

Enabling Resolution

On Tuesday, July 27, the Village Board approved Resolution 2021-101, awarding the construction contract for this project to Mauro Sewer Construction.

Project Contacts

A consultant engineering firm, Atlas Engineering Group, will be providing on site construction observation and management services for the Village. Immediate construction concerns and questions may be directed to the consultant resident engineer Randy Maamari at 847-867-4461 or via email at rmaamari@aegroupltd.com. Additionally you may contact the Village’s project manager, Aram Beladi, at 847-664-4133.

Current Project Update

Thursday, November 11
This week, the Contractor substantially completed the project. Next week, the contractor will begin cleaning and surveying of the installed work.

Thursday, November 5

The contractor completed the HMA work on First Street and Center Avenue.  Next week the contractor will work on punch list items.

Thursday, October 28

This week, the contractor poured concrete curb and gutter and installed trees. Next week, the contractor will work on restoration and complete road resurfacing work on First Street, weather permitting.

Thursday, October 21

This week, the contractor intends to complete the pouring of new concrete curb and gutter


Next week, the contractor will plant new trees and grind the roadway asphalt in preparation for paving.  Weather permitting, the contractor will also pave both First and Center late next week.

Thursday, October 14

This week, the Contractor continued storm sewer installation work on First and Center. At this time, all water main installation work has also been completed. Next week, the Contractor anticipates completing storm sewer installation and beginning pavement restoration work.

Thursday, October 7

This week, the Contractor continued storm sewer installation on First Street. Next week, the village’s contractor will continue storm water installation work on First and Center Avenue.

Thursday, September 30

This week, the Village's contractor performed a temporary water shutdown to lower a section of water main. Staff anticipates new connections to this main will be completed over the next week. The Contractor will continue storm sewer installation work on First.

Thursday, September 23

This week, the contractor continued storm sewer installation on First Street. Next week, the village’s contractor will continue storm water installation work on First. The contractor will be connecting services to the new water main on First and expects to finalize the water main after these new services are connected.

Thursday, September 16

This week, the Village’s contractor continued installation of the new water main on Center Avenue. On Friday, September 17, the Contractor will begin preparatory work for the installation of a new water main valve immediately in front of Village Hall (1225 Cedar). That installation will be completed on Saturday, September 18 and begin at 6:15 a.m. in order to allow water service to be restored to the Library prior to it opening for the day. No residents are anticipated to be impacted by this shutdown. On Monday, September 20, the Contractor will perform a water main shutdown on Center Avenue in order to connect the new water main. All impacted residents will be notified prior to this work beginning. After the new water main is successfully connected, crews will continue installing new storm sewer main in the parking lot immediately adjacent to the Fleet Maintenance Garage.

Thursday, September 9

This week, the Village’s contractor began directional boring new water main on Center Avenue. This process involves drilling underground to install new water main in and required digging two pits at the ends of the new main. These pits will be protected until this work can be completed. Next week, crews will continue installing the new water main and begin installing new storm sewer next to the Fleet Maintenance Garage and on Center. 

Thursday, September 2

This week, the contractor began preparatory work for this project, including saw cutting. Next week, crews will begin directional boring a new water main on First Street. 

Friday, August 20

The contractor intends to begin mobilizing material and equipment during the week of August 23.

July 21, 2021 - Work Announcement

This project is scheduled to begin in the August 2021. More details will be posted as they become available.