Street Maintenance

Construction workers reparing a street

Northbrook’s street inventory contains roughly 130 centerline miles of pavement, including asphalt and concrete streets. 

The Village maintains these roadways and does so through routine maintenance as well as roadway rehabilitation and construction. The Village utilizes the revenue collected from our share of the Motor Fuel Tax (MFT) as a dedicated funding mechanism for asphalt street resurfacing. Concrete street repairs have no dedicated funding mechanism and have been an obligation of the General Fund. However, during the past decade asphalt prices have escalated and the Village’s MFT revenue has remained constant or decreased. These factors have created a condition where we have been losing ground in the overall condition and ratings of our pavement. Likewise, in some years concrete street repairs have been deferred due to budget constraints.

Core Programs & Service Indicators

The core programs of the Street Services group are asphalt street maintenance, asphalt street rehabilitation and reconstruction, concrete street maintenance, and concrete street rehabilitation and reconstruction.

Street Sweeping

Public Works strives to continuously maintain clean streets by having at least 1 sweeper in daily operation as weather permits.

Questions or Concerns for Street Maintenance

Public Works is who you call if:

  • You observe a pothole or a street which requires patching.
  • You observe a damaged section of asphalt or concrete roadway which requires patching.
  • You want to inquire when your street is scheduled for rehabilitation or reconstruction.
Below are descriptions of some of the Village’s maintenance programs with links for more information on the program and how to submit requests: