Disability Inclusion Commission


The Disability Inclusion Commission shall coordinate and/or carry out programs in order to bring about full and equal participation in all aspects of life in Northbrook for people with disabilities. Within parameters authorized by the Board of Trustees, it shall:

  1. Research, understand, evaluate, and advocate local issues, challenges, and opportunities encountered by people with disabilities.
  2. Coordinate with the activities of other local groups organized to meet the needs of people with disabilities.
  3. Review and make recommendations about policies, procedures, services, and activities of Village departments as they affect people with disabilities.
  4. Work in cooperation with Village departments and organizations to bring about maximum participation of people with disabilities.
  5. Initiate, monitor, and promote legislation at the Village level which advances the equal status of people with disabilities.
  6. Encourage public awareness and provide information and advice to individuals, businesses, organizations, and public agencies in all matters pertaining to disability.
  7. Take such action as the Commission considers appropriate to ensure the equal access status of people with disabilities.
  8. The commission may, at its own initiative, engage in specific activities beyond the scope of those listed above.

Regular Meetings

  • 6:30pm
  • 1st Thursday of each month
  • Village Hall
    1225 Cedar Lane
    Northbrook, Illinois 60062

Meeting schedule and location subject to change.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available at least 48 hours prior to the meetings and minutes are available following approval.  Agendas and minutes prior to January 1, 2024 can be found here

View current agendas and minutes


  • Randi Gillespie, Chair
     Term expires: April 2025
  • Catherine Brandell 
     Term expires: April 2024
  • Catherine Caporusso
     Term expires: April 2025
  • Vacancy 
     Term expires: 

  • Laura Florek
     Term expires: April 2025
  • Susan Mack 
     Term expires: April 2024
  • Margaret Rohrabaugh
     Term expires: April 2025
  • Sam Reiss, Staff Liaison
    Phone: 847-664-4015
    Email Sam Reiss

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