Managing Flooding On or Near Your Property

From time to time, flooding occurs in the community. While there can be a number of reasons for a flooding event, the Village works with residents and businesses to help mitigate and reduce the number of stormwater flooding events in the Village. Use this page to find out how you can help manage flooding on or near your property.

Reporting Active Flooding Concerns

If there is active flooding on your property or on a street, report it to the Village. Use the following descriptions to figure out the best way to report it:

Active Basement Flooding (i.e. water is seeping in through window wells or your basement walls) 

Contact the Public Works Department immediately at 847-272-4711 during regular business hours (7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday) or the Police Department at 847-262-2060 outside of those hours. Important: A sewer backup (i.e. sewage flooding into your basement) can be reported the same way though please describe the situation to help determine which crew needs to respond.

Active Street Flooding

 Major street flooding (i.e. flooding where the water is actively rising or is unsafe to drive or walk through) should be immediately reported to the Public Works Department at 847-272-4711 during regular business hours (7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday) or the Police Department at 847-262-2060 outside of those hours. Minor standing water on the road can be reported using the Village’s GONorthbrook service request system. Blocked storm sewer inlets can also be reported using the GONorthbrook service request system at this link. Please include photos if possible to help staff review the issue.

Active Yard Flooding or Standing Water

Yard flooding and standing water (in a ditch or other area), while not as serious as basement flooding, should be evaluated. To request a consultant, please submit a request through GONorthbrook. Please include photos to help staff review the issue if possible.

Flooding from New Construction or Downspouts

If a new construction project is leading to increased flooding on your property, contact the Public Works Department using the NorthbrookGO System for follow-up. Depending on the nature of flooding, use the following links:

To report flooding issues from new construction, click here.

To report flooding issues from a downspout, click here.

To report flooding issues related to sump pump discharges, click here.

Proactive Approaches to Flooding

Learn about Flood Plains in the Village

Learn about flood plains, how they work and what to do if you live in one at this link.

Overheard Sewer and Drainage Cost-Sharing Programs

If you would like to install an overhead sewer or make a grading change or other improvement on your property to reduce yard flooding, the Village has a program to help share some of the costs. For more information, please see the program's page.

River and Stream Maintenance

If you live near or next to a river or stream, you can help mitigate future flooding but regularly checking it for obstructions. See this page for more information on how to spot and report an obstruction.

Green Your Yard

Adding a rain barrel to or building a rain garden on your property can be a smart, efficient way to help reduce stormwater runoff and save money on watering. Learn more on the Village’s Green Your Yard page.

Storm Sewer and Infrastructure Maintenance:

To learn about the Village’s storm sewer maintenance programs, please see this page.

Long-Term Plans

For more information on the Village’s long-term plans for managing flooding in the community, see the Long-Term Stormwater Planning page at this link.