Overhead Sanitary Sewer Cost Participation Program

The Village of Northbrook offers an Overhead Sanitary Sewer Cost Participation Program on a first-come first-serve basis, to assist property owners in protecting their home from sewer backups during intense wet weather conditions. Please see below for eligibility and program submittal requirements to participate in this program. Please note, his is not the 50/50 Drainage Program, which provides reimbursement for property flooding or drainage issues.

Program Process & Eligibility Requirements

Step 1

Contact the Development & Planning Services Department at 847/664-4050 to schedule an eligibility inspection at the property. Minimal requirements for the program include:
  • Home constructed prior to 1965
  • Seeking to convert from gravity system to overhead system
For information regarding eligibility requirements, please view the Overhead Sanitary Sewer Conversion Program Information.

Step 2

If you are eligible to participate in the program, you must complete and submit a program application along with the necessary submittals (see below) to the Development and Planning Services Department.

Step 3

Once a program application is received, it is reviewed and a permit will be issued.

Step 4

Schedule and complete a Rough Plumbing Inspection.

Step 5

Schedule a Final Inspection once work is completed.

Step 6

Once a Final Inspection is passed, property owner must pay all outstanding invoices to the Contractor; and submits a notarized Final Waiver of Lien/Contractor's Affidavit and an IRS Form W-9 to the Village.

Step 7

Once paperwork is received, the reimbursement payment will be distributed within thirty (30) days.

Application Requirements

Once you have been found eligible to participate, you may submit the following application and submittals:
  • Permit Application Packet
  • Application Submittal Requirements - The following documents are required for a complete submittal:
    1. Overhead Sanitary Sewer Program Application
    2. Three (3) Contractor Bids for Overhead Sanitary Sewer Conversion work - Per the requirements of the program, you must submit three separate bids from an Illinois licensed contractor for the overhead sanitary sewer conversion work. These bids must include an itemization of the work to be completed and the total cost for each service. The Village’s reimbursement will be apportioned on the lowest responsible bid received.
    3. Three (3) copies of the Overhead Sanitary Sewer Conversion Site Plan
    4. Tree Removal Application (if applicable)

Application Fees & Deposits

  • Building Construction & Inspection Fees - $130 (Due at time of permit pick-up)
  • Additional fees may apply at time of permit pick-up

Drawing Requirements (To Be Submitted With Permit Application)

  • Overhead Sanitary Sewer Conversion Site Plan - 3 sets (see Sample Overhead Sanitary Sewer Conversion Site Plan for details), each plan must include (minimally):
    • Location of tree fencing (wood slat)
    • Tree Preservation Details (tree species, condition, and size on the subject property)
    • Existing Sewer Lines
    • Existing Sump Pump Location
    • Location of any plumbing fixtures or rough-ins
    • Existing Stack(s)
    • New Overhead/Sanitary Sewer Lines
    • New Ejector Pump Location(s)

Required Inspections

  1. Eligibility Inspection (Required prior to Application Submittal)
  2. Rough Inspection
  3. Final Inspection

Important Reimbursement Information

Reimbursement by the Village for pre-qualified program participants will be processed only upon completion of the work. The Village’s contribution will be limited to only 50% of the actual contractor construction cost, up to a maximum of $5,000, necessary to convert the plumbing system to an overhead sanitary sewer system. If the property owner selects a plumbing firm other than the lowest responsible bid, then the Village’s contribution will be limited to 50% of the lowest bid amount, up to a maximum of $5,000.

Additionally, once a building permit is approved, the property owner will have ninety (90) days to commence the overhead sanitary sewer conversion work. If work does not commence within this time frame, the home owner will forfeit its eligibility for any reimbursement. Lastly, if the property is demolished within five (5) years following the date of reimbursement by the Village for its share of the cost participation funds, a refund by the property owner shall be required. The property owner’s refund shall be 100% of the Village’s cost participation funds within one year of repayment, 80% for the second year, 60% for the third year, 40% for the fourth year, and 20% for the fifth year.